Heavily-tattooed guy has most epic response to receiving an injection

Posted on 29 January 2016 | 11,932 views | 4 comments
Heavily-tattooed guy has most epic response to receiving an injectionPHOTO: Facebook

Heavily tattooed individuals are frequently associated with toughness and aggression.

One video circulating on social media however might challenge that belief.

The video posted on Facebook shows a tattooed man freaking out as he prepares to receive an injection at what looks to be an army camp.

At the beginning of the video, the man starts tearing as he takes his seat opposite a medical staff.

Soldiers then proceeded to cover his eyes and restrain him as the medical staff searched for a place on his arm to insert the needle.

Although the man was afraid of the needle, he did not struggle as he finally received the injection.

His buddies at the back clapped and cheered after his 'ordeal' was over. 

See what happened in the video below. 

Oh! Bro bertatu Nangis Kena Cucuk Jarum

Jangan ingat orang bertatu penuh kat badan tu tanda dia berani. Ini buktinya. Hehe!

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