Man dressed as superhero lectures passengers on train etiquette
Posted on 19 August 2013  |    |  15 comments

A man dressed in a red superhero outfit boarded a train and proceeded to lecture passengers on giving up their seat to those in need.

STOMPer Xiang Yi was in the same carriage and wrote:

"'Justice' entered the train carriage I was in today.
"He spoke wise words. I think all Singaporeans should listen to him.

"He gave a lecture on how Singaporeans always pretend to sleep when they do not want to give up their seat on the MRT, and how he wants them to change.
"He also talked about not jaywalking and stuff."

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@Jackie_bc. u looks like my balls neighbour.
per hour how much ? It is a good jobs to advise public to give up their seats too.
@little_devil. Hey little dick....enough suckling and let go of your mommy's tits already! Don't make me wait long long for your reply : )
@little_devil. I enjoyed reading this thread "Cyclists shouldn't act like motorists" where various people labelled you "a low IQ retard, pea brain, pathetically spineless freak, an eunuch". You were also exposed in posing under different pseudonyms to appear like many people support your view. Well, I'll simply call you "little dick" from now on : )
@little_devil. Many ordinary commuters dare to approach fellow commuters to give up seats for the needy without wearing any mask. And this "superhero" needs to hide behind a costume? How about being called "super pussy" who crave for publicity instead? Does that suits you little dick?
@little_devil. Hey..nice nick name for an aspiring sidekick sucking up to the large condom :) But blind_devil would probably be more apt since you missed even your master's post that he didn't "arrow" people in the train? Now be good go put on your female condom costume and join your master in the play corner. The Institute of Mental Health also can lah : )
@Jackie_bc. Awwww did he lecture you Jackie boy? Were you sitting in the priority seat with your finger up your nose, pretending to be asleep, while some elderly people were standing next to you. ha ha ha ha ha. I pity your parents you manner-less cockroach. But then again, they probably raised you the way you are. :)
Overgrown baby in a large condom suit. Obviously watched too much movies. Dare even to talk to me and I'll sue your ass off for harassment! So **** off and go play in the babies corner. Pity the parents raised this kind of jiak leow bee!
People should have the understanding that priority seats should be given to someone who NEEDS IT MORE and not just to the category of people that were printed there. I am someone who gives up seat immediately, whether priority or not, to whoever needs it more, but there was once I needed the priority seat myself as was having a weak and nausea feeling. There was a lady (not sure if she belongs to the kind or unkind category) who stared at me long and hard with a devilish look for sitting on a priority seat and not giving it up to a man (I do not consider old as he looked more fit than me at that time and was dressed in a sporty suit, and yes, I still looked out for people who NEEDS IT MORE although I was not well myself) standing at the side. I hope people can be more understanding and broad-minded when we judge situations like these.
@BlackShield, Your absolutely right, I'm no one to judge who needs the "priority seat" more! And thats y in the train I said "Ladies and Gentleman, Even if your not siting on a 'Priority seat', please do give up your seat to an elderly citizen or someone who NEEDS it more than you do". I do not "Arrow" people to give up their seats because as you said "No one can judge the book from the cover". I simply throw out the statement and let them take the initiative to give up their seat! - Justice
He looks tall. could it be GCT or LHL?? LOL
message for the man. why you never wear your underwear outside?
instead of reporting him as suspicious character, this stupmer hall him as hero. you join him in IMH?
I wont be surprise if that super hero is Mr Lui Tuck Yew. Good job.
talking about reporting suspicious character!