A Mercedes driver was seen recklessly reversing and almost hitting a car behind -- all for a parking space.


A photo of this woman -- apparently taken at a block in Marsiling -- has sparked both fear and speculation among netizens.


A Hebei man decided propose to his girlfriend in the most passionate and 'fiery' manner on Aug 29 by creating two giant hearts made from 99,999 chilies and outlined with corn.


This man bravely attempts the Ice Bucket Challenge from the comfort of his home, but that's not the best part of the video.


Stomper Arthur came across this rare sighting of a flying lemur caring for its baby high up on a tree at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve last Saturday (Aug 23).


A swarm of bees were flying around the roof of Blk 75C Redhill Road yesterday (Jul 20) at about 6.45pm.


They were the victims of false online stories. But it appears that actress Chen Li Ping and local beauty and wellness spa Mary Chia might be having the last laugh after all.


A car was caught on camera blatantly beating the red light in Singapore, even with pedestrians still crossing the road.


You'll be amazed at how much time you could have saved -- if you knew these awesome cleaning tips. 


Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has drawn criticism for encouraging the wastage of water. One man has a much more effective and sensible alternative.


A 62-year-old grandmother was left injured after two men barged into her third-floor Admiralty flat on Wednesday (Aug 27).


So you think you know your Singlish? This cool and unique online quiz will determine if you are a full-blooded Singaporean.


Yet another snake was spotted in Singapore's urban jungle -- this time near the business centre at Woodlands 11.


Stomper sent in photos of the crowd that had already gathered at the NATAS Travel Fair 2014, just five minutes after its opening time at 10am today (Aug 29). 


A man in his 20s was sent to hospital after an accident at the junction of Middle Road and Victoria Street today (Aug 29) at around 7am.



Stomper Artz feels that people in PES C1L2 are treated unfairly and hopes that this was taken into consideration in the new IPPT format..

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