A speeding van that ran a red light ended up crashing into a motorcycle and a Mclaren MP4-12C sports car on Marina Boulevard.


Considering how Australia has around 34,218 kilometres of coastline, it was only a matter of time until someone took their police chase to the beach.


This driver destroyed his car by over revving the engine and catching it on fire -- all in an attempt to show off on the road.


The brand new glass bridge on Yuntai Mountain in Henan province has been closed for repairs -- just two weeks after its opening.


A man in east China’s Shandong Province spent about $22, 272 (100,000 yuan) converting a used car into a 40-square-meter apartment.


A strange creature that looked like "half crocodile and half buffalo" was born in a remote village in Sisaket Province, Thailand.


Stomper A was initially pissed off because he thought he had been scammed after a vending machine in Mandai dispensed the wrong drink yesterday (Sep 10).


A Primary 1 pupil's answer to an English composition assignment has sparked a lively online debate, after a photo of it was shared widely on social media. 


Stomper Philip was on board a bus in Johor Bahru when it collided with a tanker lorry and another bus yesterday (Oct 7).


The $3,000 in cash found by a waitress in a restaurant late last month has been returned to its owner on Saturday, but only after the owner's wife passed three tests to prove that the money was theirs.


You need at least seven and half to nine hours of sleep each night to function properly -- otherwise we might just end being a zombie.


The retiree was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2013.


Two months ago, she drew eyeballs as the voluptuous female lead in Ah Boys To Men star Tosh Zhang's controversial music video Lingo Lingo, which was panned by netizens for portraying an unrealistic, glamorous lifestyle of Singaporeans.


The 41-year-year Belgian expatriate who accused of killing his 5-year-old son was yesterday remanded for three weeks at the medical complex in Changi Prison for psychiatric evaluation.


Eshana and her seven-year-old friend Charan were on their way home from school when the former spotted a pigeon drowning in Whampao River.



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