Sporting local mandopop singer JJ Lin's hairstyle and his trademark dimpled-smile, this 'clone' from China sang his hit songs and fooled his fans for more than two years.


A 22-year-old South Korean gamer has been charged over the death of his 2-year-old son, as he allegedly neglected to feed him while he spent days gaming at Internet cafes.


The mother of the 44-year-old man who was arrested on Saturday (Apr 12) in connection with three "random" stabbing attacks said he had buckled under academic pressure, and has been behaving oddly for about 20 years.


A thief broke into a home in China with the intent of robbing it, only to end up performing a good deed after seeing how impoverished the house owner was himself.


The little girl who became a mini-celebrity on the Internet after a life lesson with her mother about 'stranger danger' is back with a new video.


Afiqah Aziman, 17, was playing in a friendly match for her school, Jurong Junior College (JJC), against Millenia Institute (MI) about two weeks ago when an accident left her with a ruptured eyeball.


A photo of what seems to be the iPhone 6 front panel was posted on Weibo and has surfaced on a Chinese forum.


Stomper Eeleen wants to warn fellow dog owners to inspect all food before giving it to their pets, after her mother found a sharp object embedded in a piece of dog food.


Will the real Baey Yam Keng please stand up? Photographs of the Tampines GRC Member of Parliament and his lookalikes, posted on social media, are causing some netizens to do a double take.


This man approached Stomper Chng for money to take a bus ride home -- only to be seen later spending it on beer.


Rachel would like to say a big thank you to her mother for the many sacrifices she has made, so that she can pursue her dream.


A 17-year-old girl was flung out of a van in a freak accident on Sunday morning at a carpark off Changi Beach Park and Nicoll Drive.


Ever wondered how markings on the road are painted? This video will make you appreciate how it is done, with precision and artistry.


She felt a little strange, but continued to deliver the news live on television. In the end, Channel 8 anchor Zhao Wen Bei delivered more than just the news — she delivered a baby too.


A Suzuki driver stopped in the middle of the PIE for a few minutes on the afternoon of Apr 5 (Sat) after Stomper Lee horned at him for cutting into his lane. 



Stomper Forceofgood laments about his noisy and inconsiderate neighbours whom he claims disrupt his peace.

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