Stomper Julian saw a reckless Mercedes drive playing the braking game on KPE, heading towards TPE at 9.45pm on Fri (Apr 17).


Models and fashionistas strutted their stuff at one of Singapore's biggest runway show of the year, Fashion Steps Out.


Stomper Koh was browsing her Instagram feed when she came across this user, whom she described as 'incredibly handsome'.


The Singtel Masti Miss Starlet 2015 winner's title was revoked after offensive tweets she made came to the attention of netizens and the contest's organisers today (Apr 19).


A man got beaten up by an angry mob after shouting derogatory words in shopping mall in Malaysia.


Ghosts are expert-level photo bombers, and they love to sneak into the background of photos all the time. Back in the days of film, it often took weeks for people notice something creepy lurking in their pictures.


At times, wildlife photographers willingly risk their lives just to get the perfect shot. Often subjected to travel to remote places like the jungle and tropical lands, they often have little or no access to help in case of an emergency.


Last summer, lucky Redditor mariahkl13 found what she thought was a message in a bottle at a beach in Oceanside, California. Let's just say that when she opened it, there wasn't a "traditional" message inside.


A girl was seen trying to run onto a busy road after arguing with her boyfriend at a bus stop in Singapore.


In a bizarre new trend in Singapore, people are posting photos of themselves posing nude at various location in Singapore.


An army officer has been praised on the Singapore Army Facebook page for standing up for a full-time national serviceman (NSF) who was being scolded in an MRT train.


Photographer and filmmaker Suszanne Heintz was tired of friends and family asking her when someone was going to put a ring on it.


Stomper Iskandar was shocked to pass by a chain collision along PIE after Changi Airport yesterday, Apr 17.


A Stomper sent in Facebook screengrabs and said these are the profiles of twelve of Singapore's most flamboyant, flashy and famous rich kids. 


A 27-year-old engineer from Jiangsu Province spent extensive time, energy and effort in planning, constructing and painting a complete Iron Man costume, only to finally try it on and discover that he was too chubby to fit into the suit.