Stomper Ernest's mother was appalled to see this couple behaving intimately at a beach in Sentosa on Tuesday (Jun 23).


A video showing a toddler playing with snake while an adult films the act has gone viral recently.


Sometimes, we take certain mundane tasks we do to be a given. But someone shows a neat trick that suddenly revolutionises the way we do that mundane task.


Old Changi Hospital has become an integral part of Singapore folklore. From stories of spooky sightings to ghost-hunting tours, this abandoned destination has it all.


Stomper RandomFan was browsing through his Instagram feed when he was inspired by this post and wanted to share with fellow Stompers.


Stomper Speed was enjoying his durians when he noticed something amiss.


Stomper Chong shared with Stomp an unusual story how he managed to use a block of lego bricks to prevent a potential car accident at a multi-storey carpark in Teck Whye last Sunday (Jul 5).


A Red Lions skydiver was involved in a midair drama yesterday (Jul 4) when he had to cut off his parachute while descending to the 


A man believed to be a Singaporean had his car stolen after he left it at a car wash in Johor Bahru on July 5.


An off-duty police officer was commended helping a woman free her baby who was trapped in a car. 


On June 5, an earthquake shook Mount Kinabalu and sent rocks raining down on a group of climbers from Tanjong Katong Primary School who were on a school expedition.


Stomper Titus witnessed a fire on that engulfed a HDB unit at block 745 in Woodlands two days ago (Jul 5) at around midnight.


If the latest horror movie didn't tingle your toes, then maybe one of these haunted hotels will make you sweat.


Stomper Susanna felt offended by an advertisement at Liat Towers last week showing the butt cheeks and legs of three women clad in skimpy outfits.


Stomper Desmond saw rubbish bins and a traffic cone placed on top of a BMW in the Marine Parade area on May 30, presumably by a resident who was frustrated by the driver's illegal parking.



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