A woman got enraged when her car was clamped by an enforcer.


A Stomper came across a photo of a girl sitting in the middle of a two-lane road, which was published on the girl’s Instagram account yesterday (Dec 22) afternoon.


A 27-year-old man in Singapore held his wedding banquet on Sunday (21 Dec) at perhaps the most unusual of places -- a coffee shop. 


Tip jars are often boring, but these employees decided to get creative -- by using song lyrics, popular characters, and more!


A hotel worker made a gruesome discovery when he found a body of a naked woman with hands and legs tied with towels in a room of a budget hotel in Jalan Ipoh, Malaysia, yesterday.


A man was arrested for stealing more than 2,000 pairs of women's underwear, found by maintenance staff stuffed inside the ceiling above several fire exits in an apartment building in Yulin city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


Singapore actress Jacelyn Tay ignited a furious frenzy of comments after posting a photo of her 16-year-old self on Instagram.


There was an unusual sight to behold at Bishan MRT two days ago (Dec 21) as a rat entered the station via the gantry in the afternoon.


Stomper John saw a driver who was trapped in his lorry which had crashed into a tree on a road divider in Corporation Road at 5.10pm yesterday (Dec 22).


Stomper Chia saw this girl placing her feet on her boyfriend's lap while dining at a restaurant in Bugis+ yesterday (Dec 22). 


A couple of otters were playfully basking in the sun yesterday (Dec 22) on Changi beach, and was spotted at 1pm.


On Tuesday, the court sentenced Jacob Tiang Lee Yee to death by hanging for murdering his wife and two children at their house in Sibu on the morning of July 15 last year.


Alex Rivest decided to show people how viscous lava is -- by lightly stepping on the lava with his foot -- and the video has gone viral since it was published in Dec 12.


North Korea is a secretive country, and these little-known facts about the hermit kingdom might surprise you.


A male tourist attempted to catch a seagull so that he could bring it home as a meal, but ended up seriously injuring it in the process.



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