These signs are reasons why everyone should pay good money to a proper translator to get the job done -- or you'll end up with funny "Engrish", like these.


Bet you didn't know your toothpaste can come in handy when cleaning other things besides your teeth.


These 20 people decided to try and follow what they've seen on Pinterest, but overestimated the steep learning curve -- and ended up with these fails.


Alexander Schulz decided to break the world record for highline crossing, and his opportunity came when he went to Yangshuo, China, and found two limestone towers that were 375 metres apart.


Stomper hougangparkview resident said a dispute arose between two of his neighbours at his HDB block, after one man was caught on camera allegedly taking a red Honda logo from another man's Honda Type R and pasting it on the front bumper of his normal Honda Civic. 


If you're running out of ideas for what to give for Christmas, why not try out these DIY gifts? They show your sincerity, and they're so simple to make, your kids can make them too!


Stomper Atish found a make-shift bedroom -- complete with a sofa and bed -- at the void deck of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 Block 645 yesterday (Dec 17), and a woman was sleeping on the bed.


A man parked his black BMW at a handicap lot at Jurong West over 2 weeks ago (Dec 4) -- despite not having a handicap parking decal.


When he bought a three-room flat at Stirling Road in 2012, he never expected to have a stream of strangers knocking on his door.


A woman who has been terrorising her neighbours for several years has been arrested by police.


A woman was pulled dragged along when a robber riding a motorcycle sped off after snatching her handbag in Malaysia.


Two boys in a homeless shelter in China’s Gushi County have been tied to a tree by the centre’s staff to prevent them from running around. 


This ‘champion’ driver decided to park his black van on the walkway at Tampines Central early this morning (Dec 18), at about 7.15am.


First it was 10 rats, then 20 on another day, then one night, commuter Madam Lin spotted more than 30 rats scurrying about the grass patch next to the Bukit Batok MRT station.


These are the 16 most used memes of 2014. This year, a lot of the memes stemmed from hashtags, and includes lots of photoshopping.



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