Residents in Marine Parade Garden displayed admirable patriotism and spared no effort in preparing for the country's upcoming SG50 celebrations.


In a remarkable case of online sleuthing, a Singapore-registered car that was stolen in Johor Baru was returned to its owner, and the suspected car thief nabbed.


A policeman in Guangxi, China, selflessly flung himself under a suicide jumper to cushion his fall on Thursday, Jul 23.


Many SG50 events focus on Singaporeans, so some volunteers have decided to put migrant workers at the centre of celebrations to mark Singapore's 50th birthday.


Mr Patrick Lim admits freely that he had a big chip on his shoulder when he was growing up. 


Sixteen people who helped a South Korean man trapped under a truck were given awards for their public spiritedness by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on Sunday.


Dozens of Liaoning tourists yesterday helped pull down a railing to lessen the pain of a fellow tour-mate trapped between the railing and a tour bus in Hong Kong. 


Stomper Benny wishes to thank a kind passer-by in Toh Yi Drive who left a polite note to inform him that his vehicle's left rear tyre is flat.


For eight hours, an orca whale in British Columbia was stranded on some jagged rocks during low tide.


For someone who was a loan shark (Ah Long) and came close to ending up on the gallows, Sam Leong can now claim to have turned over a new leaf.


Stomper Simon, who found his father following a missing person's report that was posted Stomp, has expressed his gratitude by sending doughnuts to the Stomp office.


Stomper J Cheng was heartened to see a man and a woman help this elderly citizen cross the road at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 yesterday (Jul 22).


When Stomper Careful Driver received a letter from the Traffic Police, his first thought was, "Oh, not again."


A motorcyclist who got ran over by a trailer was trapped underneath the vehicle, but was fortunately rescued by quick-thinking onlookers.


Stomper Sufian shared how his uncle Syed and aunt had an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience when they helped a woman deliver a baby in their car today (Jul 22).