This boy's parents decided to give their kid a chopping board on his birthday as a joke, but probably never expected his priceless reaction.


Stomper Mike commended a group of SCDF officers for not only helping a biker injured in an accident along Farrer this morning (Aug 21), but also directing the heavy traffic.


Stomper Denise was touched to see a group of Girl Guides teaching senior citizens origami during the Garden Festival held at Gardens by the Bay.


Stomper DarkAngel67 was surprised to see an uncle continue cleaning a sidewalk at Clarke Quay yesterday, despite the rainy weather.


Fancy swapping an old book for a new read? A book shelf has popped up just outside a two-storey house on Wolskel Road in Serangoon.


Ashraf Bakar, 26 years of age, is a Singaporean who runs 4 businesses in Malaysia and 1 in Singapore, all within a span of 3 years


This guy goes out of his way to help anyone in need every single day, but never expects anything in return -- except for one thing.


Stomper Jp was impressed to see a kind national serviceman helping an old woman to pick up her cardboards which fallen on the ground.


They say that when a baby turns one year old, it is also a mother's first birthday -- and this touching video explains exactly why.


A group of commuters in Perth proved that unity is indeed strength when they put their wits together to free a man who was trapped between a train and the platform.


A video making its rounds online has garnered praise for its refreshing view about the homeless.


There is no love more noble than one from a mother, and this heartwarming advertisement proves just that.


Stomper Sim was pleasantly surprised upon leaving her house and finding this little package of old-school snacks at her doorstep this morning (Jul 29).


A kind-hearted student was spotted helping an elderly woman with her heavy trolley at Chong Pang City at around 3.30pm today (Jun 14).



Stomper Artz feels that people in PES C1L2 are treated unfairly and hopes that this was taken into consideration in the new IPPT format..


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