Stomper Sim was pleasantly surprised upon leaving her house and finding this little package of old-school snacks at her doorstep this morning (Jul 29).


A kind-hearted student was spotted helping an elderly woman with her heavy trolley at Chong Pang City at around 3.30pm today (Jun 14).


Thailand has done it again with its commercials. This yet another poignant Thai ad adds to the recent boom of tear-jerking ads the country has made.


Stomper Dee said that an SBS bus captains warm smiles and friendly nature brightens passengers' days.


A Malaysian-born street vendor, who once lived a life of poverty, is now set to open a 15,000 sq ft restaurant in Twitter’s headquarters at San Francisco’s Bay Area.


The police authorities and many volunteers gathered in the Chinese city of Xinyu to help a paralyzed 9-year-old boy realise his dream.


52-year-old Ms Liaw Lay Kian graduated with a near-perfect GPA from her nursing course in ITE and was awarded the Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal last Tuesday (Jun 24).


A kind-hearted man selflessly stopped his car to aid a motorcyclist who had gotten injured after an accident in Jalan Kayu on Jun 25.


Stomper Infoqueen saw a group of women dressed in wedding gowns helping to raise funds for a good cause along Chevron House in Raffles Place this afternoon (Jun 26).


Stomper Kishore's cousin has been giving 'free screenings' of the World Cup at Sing Avenue the past few nights, attracting foreigners and locals alike.


A driver in Singapore has been lauded for leaving his vehicle and helping a wheelchair-bound man to cross the road.


Stomper Pedestrian was touched to see this employee from a Sheng Siong outlet in West Coast giving aid to a blind couple.


A kitten accidentally fell into a canal in Japan, but was thankfully saved from drowning by this quick-witted man and his umbrella.


Stomper Daniel saw a pump attendant from Esso helping a woman change her car's punctured tyre this morning (June 5) even though it was not his job to do so.


Stomper elazrio and his friend found an injured kitten while walking along a pavement at a Hougang construction site and decided to attend to its wound while waiting for the SPCA to arrive. 



Stomper Artz feels that people in PES C1L2 are treated unfairly and hopes that this was taken into consideration in the new IPPT format..


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