Stomper Radhi is grateful to an SMRT cabby for returning his lost mobile phone after he accidentally dropped it in the cab on Wednesday (Aug 26).


Stomper Harish would like to express his gratitude to Challenger staff at its Clementi Mall outlet for how they handled his situation involving a defective iPad.


Stomper Zack and his co-workers were making a delivery at Toa Payoh Central when they spotted an elderly man in a wheelchair crossing the road.


A commuter witnessed a truly touching encounter between an uncle and a construction worker on the train at Raffles Place yesterday (Aug 24).


It's not every day that you see someone setting up an umbrella to shelter  a dog from the rain.


Seven Good Samaritans who freed a South Korean after he was pinned under a trailer truck were given a free five-day trip to South Korea.


A woman shared how this bus driver not only waited for her to board the bus, but also helped a granny cross the road and up his vehicle.


Stomper Callan was heartened to see a man treating an elderly lady to lunch at a coffeeshop in Tampines today, Aug 17.


If you're feeling a little lost or down in life, these quotes may just pick you up.


A 50-year-old man waiting to have his hands and feet amputated after a severe bout of food poisoning had a surprise visit yesterday from an unknown couple who presented him with a $5,000 cheque.


Stomper S shares this photo of a guy who helped his girlfriend apply a plaster on her feet.


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Most parents would go berserk if they caught their children having sex, but not this particular father.


When a woman in China fell into a 70-day vegetative state following a serious car accident, her boyfriend refused to leave her bedside until she woke up.