Stomper Hong was inspired by the kind deed of this bus captain, who took the time to shelter commuters as they boarded his bus in the rain.


We often hear about how fragile Mother Nature is, but here's proof that she fights back against our mistakes too -- in her own special way.


Stomper Joel would like to commend this cyclist whom he saw helping a blind man to cross the road -- an act of kindness which he feels is rare.


This heartwarming video of a mother teaching her young son how to say 'Happy' will definitely put a smile on your face.


Stomper Alex came across this heartwarming advertisement on YouTube that touches on the importance of a simple act of kindness. 


Never say never, even when all the odds are against you, because you can make a difference and do the impossible. 


It's true that there is no limit to a parent's love, as seen in these pictures of a farmer in Thailand who sacrificed everything he had to pay for his son's education.


Does going without Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram for 10 minutes seem like an impossible task to you?


Yes, you may be lean, strong and have the cardio of a horse, but you'll never be as courageous as this woman jogger.


A Stomper was touched by his manager's act of humility, in which the latter bent down to help a fellow colleague tie his shoelaces.


The Singapore Army's new ad promoting their overseas training experiences hits home by featuring Singapore's military capabilities.


36-year-old yoga instructor Laura Kasperzak has garnered a huge following on Instagram -- not least because of her gravity-defying moves and her adorable daughter.


She might be stricken by cancer, but this elderly woman from Southern Indiana isn't about to let that get her down.


British artist Sue Austin has been in a wheelchair since 1996 after contracting ME (chronic fatigue syndrome).


This dog was born without front legs, but with a strong will and some prosthetics, he is able to walk and run again.



Stomper Forceofgood laments about his noisy and inconsiderate neighbours whom he claims disrupt his peace.

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