A Good Samaritan saw a man lying by the side of a pavement along Nicoll Highway at 2am on Friday (July 3) and rushed to his aid.


He has been verbally abused and told to mind his own business. But that has not stopped retiree Xu Zhixing from going around his neighbourhood to pick up trash - voluntarily - and remind others not to litter almost daily for the past three years.


Climbing the 4,095m-high Mount Kinabalu, one of South-east Asia's highest peaks, is challenging even for a physically fit person.


Stomper saw a piece of paper left on a car windscreen and thought it was an advert -- but was pleasantly surprised after reading it. 


Stomper Iris wants to thank a salesgirl she met at Mahkota Parade in Malacca for her simple act of kindness that changed her life. 


Stomper David was walking around 313 Somerset at around 4pm yesterday (June 29) when he saw 3 students doing a good deed for an elderly lady. 


Stomper Jackie said he got the most epic reactions when he offered free rides to people on the streets of Singapore. 


Finders keepers, losers weepers apparently does not ring true in gracious Singapore.


He was on board a flight to the US last Thursday to share his medical knowledge at an international conference.


This touching video by a local YouTube group will remind everyone of what our fathers have done for us from past to now.


Thousands turned up at Nanyang Polytechnic's Stadium on Jun 20 for Singapore's largest Zumba Party, also known as SG50 Harmony Swing.


He was with his friend at the foot of his block at about 3pm yesterday when he saw plumes of thick black smoke coming out of a kitchen window of a flat on the top storey.


A facebook user called Scott Love as earned the admiration of netizens worldwide with a single, thoughtful post on his a account.


Fans from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia displayed great sportsmanship after the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games at the National Stadium.


This woman may have had the worst luck the past year -- but that did not stop her from fulfilling her travel dreams.