Stomper Davis sent in a facebook screenshot of an inspiring deed by...


A video showing what foreign workers in Singapore have to say about this country and its citizens has become a talking point among the public.


Stomper Anthony wants to share these photos with the public to show how our National Servicemen are quick to lend a helping hand when the need arises.


A new Singaporean advertisement has become a talking point online after going viral recently.


Japanese football fans seem to be the most gracious community, and they have shown it time and again by clearing up after themselves after a loss.


A Thai man didn’t let 100 metres of sewer covered in faeces get between him and a crying litter of puppies in need.


Stomper ashwin came across a facebook post made by a counter staff at a store, whose day was made brighter thanks to a kind stranger.


He Rongfeng was broke and homeless at the age of 17, but is now back as a millionaire tycoon -- all thanks to one woman whom he never forgot.


An army of 300 men embarked on a long-distance cycling challenge at Kranji Loop this morning (Oct 11), their experience made all the more meaningful by one man's act of generosity.


What one man found inside a mysterious box covered in snow broke his heart, so he decided to do something about it.


Choo Mei Fang,
The New Paper,
Sunday, Oct 05, 2014


The bravery and quick-thinking of two boys helped prevent a fire in Hougang from becoming a tragedy on Tuesday.


He wanted to donate his liver to his daughter, five, who was suffering from liver failure. But doctors said he could not do it unless he lost weight.


Stomper Hilda commends these construction workers at Tampines MRT station for brightening up the rainy day with their act of kindness. 


Stomper HO.TH saw not one, but four passers-by helping a partially disabled man cross the street at the junction of Tanjong Katong Road today (Oct 2). 



Stomper Artz feels that people in PES C1L2 are treated unfairly and hopes that this was taken into consideration in the new IPPT format..

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