Cashier argues with customer over SAFRA card -- and refuses to back down

Posted on 26 June 2013 | 6,462 views | 1 comment
Cashier argues with customer over SAFRA card -- and refuses to back down
A cashier at Giant Hypermart in Tampines started grumbling after STOMPer Desmond asked about his SAFRA card while making payment on Jun 17. She then went on a rant and would not stop arguing with him.

He added that the cashier had also challenged him to hit her.

In a phone conversation with STOMP, Desmond said:

"This happened on Jun 17 at Giant Tampines.

"I was making payment on my purchase with Cashier 'X' and asked whether customers need to produce their SAFRA card for verification, for using SAFRA vouchers.

"X then asked her colleague, Cashier 'Angel' the same question.

"Angel said yes and then started grumbling in front of us in Chinese.

"She kept on ranting even after I requested for her to stop, as if using SAFRA vouchers was an offence or trouble.

"She even said she was not talking to me so why should I bother.

"What happened after the video was that her second manager arrived at the scene.

"However, her ranting got worse and she even challenged me to hit her!

"I kept my cool, but was surprised that the manager could not even keep this 'Angel' under their wings!

"In the presence of two managers, she still did not stop!!

"The managers apologised to me but it is not them who are in the wrong.

"I was with my foreigner friends and they asked if this was what service in Singapore was like.

"I said no and that this was an exception."