At what age can a dog drive in Singapore?

Stomper Stephen was shocked to see a woman at Sentosa driving with her dog on her lap today (May 3) at 1.30pm.

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That's how some crafty sellers cheat you at the market

A sly vendor was seen scamming customers with this 'tactic' at a wet market in China.

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Toddler sent to hospital after 'ruthless' loan sharks set fire to Lengkok Bahru flat

A 14-month-old child was sent to hospital for smoke inhalation when loan sharks allegedly set fire to his parents' rental flat just two weeks after moving in.

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How many people can you fit on a motorised bicycle? You probably can't beat this guy

A photo circulating online shows a family of five riding on one single motorised bicycle.

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Man caught trying to swim into Singapore arrested for unlawful entry

A 22-year-old man was arrested by the Police Coast Guard for for unlawful entry into Singapore on Monday (May 2).

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Imagine if it had been a motorcyclist: Watch six-storey high tree fall on Mercedes

A Mercedes driver probably should thank his lucky stars that the car acted as an armour for him when a large tree fell on Saturday (Apr 30).

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Top Mum: I used to think my mum was a control freak and didn't love me

Hui admitted that her mother was the typical housewife, and she did not really appreciate her nagging and controlling nature.

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S'porean gets attacked in Bangkok by woman after trying to stand up for driver she was yelling at

A Singaporean woman alleges that she was attacked by a Vietnamese woman because she tried to defend a driver in Bangkok, Thailand, on Saturday (Apr 30).

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'Never too young for social media': Parents set up accounts for kids as young as 2 months old

One-year-old Kallista Choo has several social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.

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Kim Jong-un reportedly has 'pleasure squad' of girls as young as 13 to serve him

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has a group of teenage girls who follow him wherever he goes to serve his needs, according to recent reports.

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Woman found dead in car at Tampines block: She forgot to bring her inhaler

A 41-year-old woman who was found dead in her car on Friday morning (Apr 29) had apparently forgotten to bring her inhaler.

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Kudos! Kind soul stops his lorry to help blind uncle cross the road in Geylang

Stomper Nazir Ahmed was heartened to see a man taking time to lead an uncle across the road early this morning (May 2).

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7 reasons why you should date a guy who codes

There’s this stereotype going around that paints computer programmers as geeks and nerds who hide behind enormous glasses, and shy away from outdoor activities because their social skills are in dire need of some...

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Four suspected illegal immigrants caught on speedboat heading to Tanah Merah

Four foreigners will be charged with entering Singapore illegally on Monday after they were intercepted on a speedboat heading towards Tanah Merah.

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Meet McDonald's oldest employee: 92-year-old grandma who lived through Japanese occupation

The wrinkles on her face may indicate her age, but her eyes give nothing away. Bright and full of life, it is hard to believe that Madam Goh Gwek Eng is McDonald's oldest employee.

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Hume Ave fire that killed elderly man: Neighbours watched helplessly

The family's cries for help pierced the air, but their neighbours could only watch helplessly as the fierce pre-dawn blaze rolled through the seventh storey Hillview Green condominium unit in Hume Avenue. 

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Mum rushes to see what was loud 'bang' outside house in Malaysia -- only to find son dying

A 40-year-mother could not believe her eyes as she approached the scene of an accident near her house -- only to find that one of the dead victims was her son.

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Crocodile or dolphin? Zhejiang fisherman confused after catching mysterious creature

A strange sea creature baffled the Internet after a video of a fisherman's catch went viral.

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Some S'poreans waste 2 bowls of food per day -- while others search dumpsters for food

An equivalent of two bowls of food per person is thrown away every day, according to statistics.

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