Biker hits driver's window, hurls vulgarities and spits on him -- over lane-changing dispute

A motorcyclist was caught on video hurling vulgarities and spitting on a driver after the latter allegedly did not signal during lane change.

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18 animals that are definitely more hungover than you

Animal pictures are one of the sure things to break today's internet by going viral, and we can totally tell why.

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Residents in China buy shoe insoles from granny supporting 'paralysed son' -- but it all turns out to be a lie

The people of China have often been known to go to great lengths to support their descendants-in-need and that is what happened when they came across a viral internet post about a local granny in need of help in...

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China hosts 'breast model championship' in Hubei -- and attracts a ton of creepy guys

Chinese media is celebrating the hosting of the country's first "breast model championships" which took place last month in Hubei province in China.

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Man sentenced to 5 years' corrective training and caning for loanshark harassment

A debtor-turned-harasser was sentenced to five years' corrective training and 12 strokes of the cane on Monday (Nov 30) for loanshark harassment acitivites on behalf of two illegal moneylenders.

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Singapore hotel cleaner, 57, escapes gallows after caught drug trafficking in Malaysia

A 57-year-old woman escaped the gallows after the High Court in Malaysia reduced her drug distribution charge to possession due to reasonable doubts raised on the facts of the case.

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Delivery driver gets 14 years' jail for killing colleague who bullied him

A delivery driver who quit his job in exasperation after being bullied repeatedly at work, decided to kill his colleague for causing him to lose his job.

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Sultan orders all vape outlets in Johor to be banned from Jan 1

The Sultan of Johor's decision to ban all vape products in Johor from January 1 next year has been met with good responses.

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Confessions of an ex-mistress: If you fall in love with a married man, run like you've never run before

Stomper Anonymous shared her experience of being a mistress in a relationship.

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Fake or real? Commuter carries ‘samurai sword’ on board MRT train

Stomper ZK saw a man carrying what looks like a samurai sword on board an MRT train on Nov 29.

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Massive 4-ton sea monster washes up on beach in China

Beach-goers in China were in for a huge shock over the weekend.

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Drinking water from shower heads and other things you should never do in toilets

Did you know most people are guilty of several toilet sins even without knowing it?

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Sec school students play football in Admiralty MRT station -- and one even tries 'nutmeg' move on passer-by

Stomper SX was annoyed to see two secondary school students playing football in Admiralty MRT station last week.

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Jover Chew jailed 33 months and fined $2,000

The boss of a now-defunct electronics firm was jailed 33 months on Monday (Nov 30) for cheating his customers.

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Woman a shadow of her former self after bus fall that led to her going into a coma

Madam Ding Weibo, 58, used to single-handedly take care of her family.

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Uber driver and LTA officer continued fighting even after being separated: Witness

His friends are calling him a hero but Mr Dew Francis, who tried to stop the now infamous fight between an Uber driver and a LTA officer, said it was just a normal thing for him to do.

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Woman vomits in cab, refuses to pay fare and even swears at cabby

A taxi driver said that a passenger he picked up at Orchard Towers at 4am yesterday (Nov 29) threw up in his cab and refused to pay the trip fare or cleaning charges.

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Woman leaves ear uncleaned for years -- leading to yucky find that landed her in surgery

Clean your ears often -- or risk becoming like this poor woman.

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Why more Singaporeans are going overseas to kick drug habit

Search online for "private drug rehabilitation" and "Singapore", and at least six centres specialising in helping drug addicts kick the habit pop up - none of which is located here.

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