28-year-old Subaru driver arrested after high-speed chase in Geylang Serai that left TP car and BMW wrecked

A 28-year-old driver arrested after high-speed chase in Geylang Serai at 8.50pm on Sunday (June 26) left a Traffic Police car and a BMW wrecked.

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Only this Merc driver can find himself a 'private lot' in a public carpark

No parking lot? No problem, at least not for this Mercedes driver.

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Mum loses $100,000 to phone scammers: Daughter blames POSB

An elderly woman lost $100,000 in savings to phone scammers; and her daughter is partly blaming it on a new type of bank machine that allows up to $200,000 in cash to be drawn in one go.

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Thick plume of smoke seen from shophouse in Geylang Rd

Stomper Masrom saw a thick plume of smoke coming from a shophouse in Geylang Road, near Lorong 10, at 6.02pm today (June 27).

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'Bikini lifeguards' at China rafting attraction train with Shaolin monks

A rafting attraction in China has enlisted the help of female lifeguards, who donned bikinis to train with monks.

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Sign designed to look like tree attracts unusual visitor at Teban Gardens Park

Stomper Dekgal saw a large reticulated python on a sign designed to look like a tree at Teban Gardens Park yesterday (June 27) night.

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Driver warns kids not to play dangerously at Jurong Point carpark -- only to get screamed at by their mum for honking

Instead of educating her children that it was dangerous to play in a carpark, a mother turned her anger towards a driver who honked at them.

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S'pore guy trolls woman on Facebook after she offers him sexual services

A woman who tried offering sexual services to a Singapore guy got more than she bargained for after getting hilariously fooled by him through Facebook messages.

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24 insane news headlines that can only come from Florida

Florida has the reputation of being a little more than crazy in the United States, with monster-sized alligators and more.

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TRS founder Yang Kaiheng controlled the bulk of $550,000 earnings -- using it to pay apartment and university fees

Singaporean Yang Kaiheng was a key person behind The Real Singapore, and controlled the bulk of about A$550,000 in advertising revenue the sociopolitical website made from December 2012 to April last year, the State...

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I gave up the life I knew for 14 years in Perth for a man in Singapore

As the saying goes, love makes people do crazy things. From a man robbing a waffle house to pay for his girlfriend’s probation fees to a woman marrying the guy who was jailed for blinding her, to a convicted...

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2-year-old boy dies after abuse by pregnant mum and her BF: Why didn't neighbours help?

Daniel was two years old and a brave boy.

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25-year-old S'pore guy $20,000 in debt for prostitute GF -- who is pregnant with her ex-BF's baby

A Singaporean guy is apparently now $20,000 in debt after trying to get his girlfriend to quit prostitution. To make matters worse, she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby.

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Girl trapped for 40 min after leg gets stuck in concrete slab along Joo Chiat Road

A girl was trapped for 40 minutes after her leg became stuck in a hole in a broken concrete slab on Thursday.

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SQ plane turns back to Changi Airport after leaking oil, then bursts into flames while landing

It was a fiery fright for passengers on board a Singapore Airlines plane when it burst into flames at Changi Airport this morning (June 27) after turning back due to an oil leak.

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How did you end up here? Tree pangolin found wandering on road at Old Choa Chu Kang

Stomper Joseph was shocked to find an unusual creature wandering on the street at Old Choa Chu Kang Road in the wee hours of the morning.

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Ambulance driver who texted while ferrying woman to hospital: He talks on phone while sending other patients, says ex-colleague

A Stomper wrote in to us highlight the multiples times a colleague of his, an ambulance driver, would talk on his handphone while ferrying patients after seeing a video of him texting while sending a woman to the...

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Woman slams Uber driver for not returning expensive hoodie she left behind, but does not respond when offered to have it delivered to her

Stomper M came across a facebook post in a closed group in which a woman slammed an Uber driver for not returning an expensive customised hoodie she had left in the car, but did not respond when the...

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Car engulfed in flames at Punggol Road: Firefighters seen battling blaze

Stompers Yanagiyah, Riduwan, Linda, Livanesh, Brandon Bong and John saw a car go up in flames at Punggol Road at 10pm yesterday (June 25).

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