Stomp's V-Day contest winner's international love story shows that true love takes time and effort

Love is in the air on this day for lovebirds and to mark the occasion, Stomp is proud to announce the 10 winners of this year's Valentine's Day Contest.

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While you were celebrating CNY, SAF's bomb squad disposed of war relic found at Changi construction site

While Singaporeans were busy visting relatives and friends during Chinese New Year, the SAF's Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was busy disposing a war relic on Feb 9.

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Man in Punggol who threatened to set house on fire arrested after four-hour stand-off with police

A man was arrested yesterday (Feb 12) after a four-hour stand-off with the police at a flat in Punggol.

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Contruction worker pretends to be policeman and extorts money from couples engaging in intimate acts at AMK

A construction worker from India passed himself off as a cop and extorted money from couples engaging in intimate acts in a park here.

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Maid slashed by ex-BF at Tampines: Blood was spurting out of throat and finger was hanging by the skin

Furious she had broken up with him, he called her 20 to 30 times a day.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg springs surprise on PM Lee

A pleasant surprise awaited Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his visit to Facebook's headquarters.

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Guy finds GF's naked pictures on phone -- then makes this horrific discovery

Although heartbreaking, stories of people cheating on their partners are relatively common.

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Memorable moments in history revealed by heartbreaking photographs

While photographs help us capture happy moments, they can also serve as grim reminders of heartbreaking events that took place in the past.

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Ouch! Unfortunate 'friendzoned' people who are not going to have a happy Valentine's Day

To all the happy couples celebrating Valentine's Day, be sure to remember to have a moment of silence for all those stuck in the 'friendzone'.

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Just the V-Day love we need: Bus passengers and motorists unite to push overturned truck on Zhenghua Flyover

Bus passengers, drivers and road users -- including a lion dance troupe -- united to help push an overturned truck that was obstructing traffic today (Feb 14).

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Man found dead in Teck Whye temple: Worker gets rude shock with 2m blood trail

Pest control worker Tan Kui Seng, 68, had entered the Chua Chu Kang Lian Sing Keng temple on Teck Whye Lane to unlock the gates on Sunday (Feb 14) morning as usual. But he got a rude shock when he saw a 2m trail of...

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Yet another neighbour from hell in Jurong: Resident feels helpless over old man's 'crazy' acts

Stomper Wilson alerted Stomp to an inconsiderate neighbour staying at block 232 Jurong East Street 21.

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My hubby arranged his mistress' abortion in front of me

It was a usual night out on the town when I first met Jack*. He was a social butterfly who loved to drink and party. But he was also good-mannered, respectful to his elders, and a caring friend. During our courtship...

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CNY fire at Jurong burns 95 per cent of man's face

He never expected to spend Chinese New Year in a hospital.

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Hilarious Valentine's Day video reveals brutal truths about the cost of love

A Valentine's Day themed music video by Malaysian musician Tianlong has been making its rounds on the Internet.

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Maintenance staff or member of public? Man seen walking on LRT track during rail operating hours

Stomper Wayne saw a man walking on an LRT track this morning (Feb 14) at around 11am.

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Group chants prayers while illegally releasing snakeheads and other creatures into 'secret reservoir' off Tampines

A Stomper alerted Stomp to what he thinks is suspicious activity going on at a 'secret reservoir' off Tampines Avenue 10.

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Love Story: We broke up after a year of being in a long distance relationship -- but fate brought us back together 10 years later

Anya and Anu first chatted and Yahoo messenger back in 2001 and got together soon after. However since Anya was living in the U.S and Anu was in the U.K the distance took a toll on their relationship and they had to...

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White balloon moves by itself during child's wake and comforts grieving mother

A grieving mother burst into tears after a floating white balloon at her child's wake started to move by itself and stopped at where she was seated.

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