Taiwan vet commits suicide after criticisms by animal activists for having to euthanise too many dogs

A veterinarian and director of an animal shelter in Taiwan reportedly ended her life after being too distraught with having to put too many dogs to sleep.

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Thoughtful GrabCar driver offers biscuits and drinks for people rushing to work

Stomper Ashley was delighted to be the passenger of a GrabCar driver, whom she described as "thoughtful and caring".

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Pek Kio Market and Food Centre closed after more than 180 cases of gastroenteritis

Pek Kio Market and Food Centre will be closed for a thorough cleaning and disinfection after a spate of gastroenteritis cases in the Owen Road area.

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Kudos to former nurse who stopped to help bleeding woman at TTSH when no one else did during busy lunch hour

Stomper Stanley was at Tan Tock Seng Hospital yesterday afternoon (May 23) at around 12pm when he saw a woman bleeding profusely from her leg.

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Single mother killed in accident with unlicensed teen driver at AMK: Have you seen her missing phone?

46-year-old Madam Lau Lee Kiau was killed on Saturday (May 21) when a motorcycle she was on was involved in an accident with a car that was driven by a 17-year-old who does not have a driving license.

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Driver trapped in car after crashing into lamppost at Marymount Lane

Stomper Motorist was passing by Marymount Lane at about 7pm yesterday (May 23) when he saw a driver who got trapped in his car after crashing into a lamppost.

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22-year-old Bangladeshi worker killed in worksite accident at Mandai Depot construction site

A 22-year-old man from Bangladesh was killed in another worksite accident on Monday evening at the Mandai Depot construction site.

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Man arrested after hitting driver in road rage incident -- then hurt another motorist 11 months later

It's bad enough getting involved in a road rage incident. Muhammad Fuad Kamroden, 32, was involved in two cases in less than a year.

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Sichuan doctors deliver baby boy with 15cm 'rat's tail' between his buttocks

It was supposed to be a routine medical procedure, but the Caesarian section last May was anything but normal for the doctors in the operating theatre.

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Woman killed in accident with unlicensed teen driver at AMK: We never got to say goodbye, say her children

It was around noon on Saturday that the teen got the disturbing news.

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S'pore's fastest wheelchair sprinter jailed for drug trafficking and consumption

The man known to be Singapore's fastest wheelchair sprinter was yesterday found guilty of trafficking the controlled drug methamphetamine and given the minimum jail sentence of five years.

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Kudos to kind worker for walking elderly man to coffeeshop

In our busy urban lifestyles, we sometimes forget the small but important things in life. Like showing kindness to others.

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80 to 90% of animals 'released' on Vesak Day die within a day

The group approached the reservoir with fanfare, carrying drums and pails of fish.

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Teenager in Malaysia dies trying to save grandma trapped in burning home

A teenager died while trying to save her grandmother who was trapped in their burning house in Putatan, Malaysia.

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Fighting insomnia and other effects different kinds of physical activities have on your brain

A good training session not only enhances your physical capabilities, it also enhances you mental well-being.

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Once in a blue moon on Vesak Day -- quite literally

Stomper Kannan captured a 'once in a blue moon' sight on Vesak Day (May 21) -- quite literally.

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Oops: We're sure there is something not quite right about these photos

If you feel that you have messed up in life, fret not.

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Don't believe in ghosts? These creepy photos and their chilling stories might change your mind

For many, ghosts and mysterious entities only exist in movies and their imagination.

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Dying worker who fell 11m at VivoCity worksite dumped by manager on Upper Circular Road pavement

He was illegally employed at their VivoCity worksite when he fell 11m and seriously injured himself.

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