Football coach searches for and rescues elderly woman from fire at Choa Chu Kang Ave 2

She was away at work and her children were in school when a fire broke out in a neighbour's flat at her HDB block in Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2 two years ago.

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Hawker at Bedok Food Centre gives NS recruits extra ingredients and discounts to thank them for service

When chicken rice hawker Tan Bee Seng was serving national service from 1977 to 1979 as a signaller, he received a monthly allowance of just $50.

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Kind soul goes out of his way to bring blind man at Geylang to his destination

Stomper Fitzy was enjoying some fresh air by her window today (Feb 10) to when she spotted a heartwarming sight that made her day.

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SAF soldiers spread festive cheer with spring cleaning 'mission' in Kampong Glam

Soldiers from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) helped put a smile on the faces of residents at Kampong Glam.

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83kg woman loses weight and becomes stunning bombshell... then husband files for divorce

When 83kg Angela Crickmore decided to take control of her body and lose weight, she did not expect to lose her husband too.

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Kind cabby takes passenger with mountain bike -- when many others rejected him

A cyclist had trouble getting home after getting rejected by taxi drivers all night -- until one kind taxi uncle came to the rescue.

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Indian resident spreads CNY cheer -- by decorating entire corridor of Jurong West St 65 block

Stomper Danny wished to highlight the efforts of an Indian resident who decorates the entire corridor of Block 663B Jurong West Street 65 whenever Chinese New Year arrives.

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Kudos to police officers who helped 72-year-old visually challenged man at Woodlands Mart

Police officers from the Woodlands East Neighbourhood Police Centre have earned praise from Singaporeans for their kind deed recently.

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Off-duty SAF medics rush to the aid of injured old woman after booking out of camp

A group of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) medics have become internet sensations thanks to a viral photo of them helping an elderly injured woman after booking out of camp recently.

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Not 1 but 7 kind souls offer assistance after biker falls off motorcycle in Clementi

Stomper Leslena alerted Stomp to a heartwarming sight she came across at Clementi yesterday (Feb 5) at around 6.45pm.

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Kudos! Motorcyclist stops to push runaway trolley out of motorists' way near Central Mall

Mr Ong Weijun was riding along Hill Street, when he noticed a runaway trolley abandoned by the roadside.

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We should all learn from this gracious truck driver who said 'thank you' for being allowed to cut

Motorists can all learn from these two road users who showed great courtesy yesterday, Feb 2.

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Singaporean of the Year 2015 award goes to woman who helped to clean up elderly stranger who soiled himself

A woman who went beyond the call of duty and stepped up to help an elderly stranger after he soiled himself at a supermarket is named The Straits Times' first Singaporean of the Year 2015.

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Sickly leopard-like dog left for dead in Malaysia -- but S'porean couple adopt it and spend $6k on its treatment

A unique-looking dog that had spots like a leopard was given only a week to live, but Stomper Sam and his wife took it in and transformed the canine's life.

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What taxi driver did for girl during terrible jam will restore your faith in humanity

A private tutor has taken to Facebook to express her heartfelt thanks to a selfless taxi driver that she encountered last Friday.

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Woman brings lost foreign worker to Boon Keng clinic, stays with him and even acts as translator

A Boon Keng clinic assistant, named Abigail, took to Facebook to share a heartwarming incident she came across while at work (Jan 26).

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Locals rush to help after Caucasian man faints on Beijing Metro -- but netizens say...

China locals rushed to the aid of a Caucasian man who fainted at Beijing Metro yesterday (Jan 29) at around 9am.

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Kind SMRT bus captain helps student prevent her lost laptop from getting stolen

A polytechnic student has taken to social media to express her heartfelt thanks to a kind-hearted SMRT bus captain for taking care of a laptop she left on a bus.

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Brother finds missing woman thanks to kind man at AMK Ave 1 senior citizens' corner, search party and Stomp report

Stomper Bernard wishes to thank a man at the senior citizens' corner of Block 333 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, volunteers in the search party, and Stomp for aiding in finding his missing sister on Tue (Jan 26)...

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