Kind woman who helped injured elderly at Chinese Garden meets him after reading his Stomp report, gets big hug from him and receives SCDF award

The elderly Stomper who had gotten injured at Chinese Garden on May 27 finally got to meet the Good Samaritan who helped him.

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SCDF awards teens who helped two cardiac arrest victims by responding to innovative new app

Two teenagers became the first civilians to respond to two calls for help by cardiac arrest victims in a day through an innovative mobile phone app by Singapore Civil Defence (SCDF).

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Hero drives SUV into floodwaters in China to save mother and daughters from being swept away

A motorist's swift action of “breaking up” floodwaters helped save three lives in China.

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Woman impressed by Golden Village employee's outstanding service in Yishun

Stomper Veera would like to commend a Golden Village employee for providing exemplary service at its outlet in Yishun on Jun 24.

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Thanks so much, McDonald's! You have won my loyalty

Stomper HSim placed an order via McDelivery for her husband yesterday night (June 24) and would like to commend McDonald's efforts

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Towgay towkay built farm from scratch with just $120

Mr Chiam Joo Eng's beginnings as a bean sprout farmer were as humble as his produce.

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Thank you! Police officers work tirelessly in heavy rain to keep us safe

Stomper Audilay was heartened when he saw a group of police officers working to carry branches from a fallen tree to the side of the road this morning (June 24).

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Singaporean family crowdfunds online to cover medical expenses of maid with rare disease

When an Indonesian maid became suddenly struck with a rare disease, her Singaporean employer's family turned to the online community to seek help to cover the costs of her medical expenses and her flight back home....

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Kudos to road users who gave way to ambulance on PIE, especially this awesome biker

Another biker was seen trying to clear a path for an ambulance on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) after Bedok North exit on June 16.

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Woman delivers leftover Starbucks pastries and snacks to delighted foreign workers

A woman took the opportunity to spread a little kindness today when she saw counter staff at the Singapore Polytechnic Starbucks clearing away food before closing.

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Why my dad is the greatest father in this world: Read Stomper's touching tribute

Stomper Yilin has penned a heartwarming tribute to her dad for Father's Day as well as shared what makes him so great.

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S'pore couple spend $8,000 a month to house 450 dogs in Johor Baru shelter

In a small clearing off Bukit Tiram in Johor Baru, Singaporean couple Logan Nathan and Malathi Suppayan, both 49, run a sanctuary for stray dogs.

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Comfort dogs from all over America fly to Orlando to ease grieving survivors of recent shooting

Whenever we feel dejected, depressed or stuck in a difficult situation, our canine friends are always here to help.

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What this driver did when van crashed into his BMW will bring a tear to your eye

Think all BMW drivers are rude? This guy will prove you wrong.

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Kind-hearted woman raises over $77k for family of man who died in JB hit-and-run

Singaporeans' hearts went out to the family of Mr Zulkefli Yusop who died in a hit-and-run incident in Johor Bahru on June 5.

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Mum sacrifices herself to save her son during Orlando shooting

"Behind all your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours begins," quoted Mitch Albom.

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Readers touched by man's beautifully written obituary reflecting on his life's struggles and achievements

Mr Ong Peck Lye's beautifully written and unique obituary has resonated with many Singaporeans.

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Pregnant woman injured in Yishun accident cries while thanking 12-year-old boy who helped her

The 12-year-old boy who was hailed a hero for checking on victims involved in a two-car accident in Yishun on May 31 finally got to meet the injured and pregnant female driver whom he had aided.

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Plucky salesgirl in Clementi Mall helps customer escape $4,000 parcel scam

The woman in her 50s looked fearful as she entered the SK Jewellery shop in Clementi Mall, asking to buy plenty of gold jewellery.

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