Kind worker helps elderly woman pushing trolley stacked high with cardboard pieces at Geylang

Stomper Jasmine was heartened to see a worker go to the rescue of an elderly woman who had trouble with the trolley of cardboard she had been pushing.

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Cobbler gets help from MP Tin Pei Ling after getting evicted from Katong Plaza

A cobbler who has been told to vacate his workspace at Katong Plaza by tomorrow has sought help from his MP, MacPherson SMC's Tin Pei Ling, to help him look for a new location so he can carry on his livelihood.

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Restaurant boss who hired man with tumours, overweight chef and elderly woman is a getai singer

The kind-hearted restaurant owner who employed a dishwasher covered with tumours, an overweight chef and an elderly woman has revealed her identity.

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15 kind souls offer to donate liver to baby suffering from liver failure

Shin Min Daily News reported on Nov 22 that an 8-month-old baby had undergone liver transplant surgery two weeks prior but the liver has deteriorated severely since then.

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Son reunites with McRefugee mum in HK thanks to strangers -- and now they're returning to S'pore together

She turned the corner and stopped in her tracks. Ms Mary Seow, 60, could not believe her eyes.

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Passers-by who detained alleged snatch thief at City Hall commended by Police

Two men have been commended by the Police for their assistance in a case of snatch theft at City Hall MRT station on Nov 19.

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Kind cabby picks up strangers at Woodlands bus stop and sends them to mosque amidst heavy rain

Stomper Aqmal was moved when a taxi driver approached him and two others at a bus stop in Woodlands Avenue 1 to offer them a free ride to An-Nur Mosque for Friday prayers, amidst heavy rain.

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Quick-thinking foreigner steps in and tries to break up queue-jumping scuffle in Beijing Metro

A fight between two men broke out inside Jintai Road Station on the Beijing Metro Line 6, which nobody tried to stop until a foreigner stepped in.

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Awesome dad has the most precious conversation about Paris attacks with son

There is good even in the darkest of times, as this heartwarming interview shows.

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Restaurant boss who hired dishwasher covered in tumours also hired 156kg chef and elderly woman who needs walking aid

The kind-hearted boss who hired a man covered with tumours as a dishwasher at her restaurant also hired an overweight chef and an 81-year-old woman who needs a walking aid.

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Small town boy from JB is now successful boss of IT firm in S'pore

As a young professional trying to find his spot in the world a decade ago, Mr Erwin Foo was slightly befuddled when Steve Jobs talked about dots and what they mean.

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Here’s what bystanders did when woman bled profusely after fainting and hitting head on bus at People’s Park Centre

Commuters at a bus-stop along Chinatown looked on in horror after a woman fainted unexpectedly and fell head-first onto the road, hitting her head on the front of a bus.

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Kudos! Bus commuter heartened to see traffic enforcers doing their duty despite heavy rain at Rochor Road

Stomper Steven was on a bus that was passing by Rochor Road at 10.40am today when he saw three traffic enforcers standing in the heavy rain.

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'Workaholic' has worked 45 years -- without taking a single MC

When Mr Khoo Chai Beng first started out in his job in 1970, he slogged day and night in a sweltering kitchen, perspiring in singlet and shorts and wearing clogs.

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Heartwarming to see locals and foreigners helping old woman who fell on road in Geylang

Stomper Alice was touched to see a group of locals and foreigners assisting an old woman who fell at Geylang Lorong 27 yesterday afternoon (Oct 8).

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21-year-old in India with 'no face' will inspire you with her positive outlook

A 21-year-old Indian's genetic condition has caused so much swelling she does not even know if she has eyes or a nose.

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Driver impressed by what student did to help old woman in Hougang

Stomper Gerald came across a heartwarming sight in Hougang yesterday (Nov 3) at around 10.30am.

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7-year-old boy takes care of paralysed father alone after his mother abandons them in China

A seven-year-old boy from Guizhou has been taking care of his paralyzed father for the past year after his mother walk out on them.

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Police officers stop to help woman in distress after noticing stationary car in KPE tunnel

Police officers who stopped to help a woman who was in distress along the KPE have been lauded by netizens.

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