Man amazed by service at Parkway Shenton Clinic in Bedok South: Thank you for your outstanding care

Stomper Mdu Anis Abd Alim is touched by the warm hospitality and commendable service he received during a visit to Parkway Shenton Clinic in Bedok South on May 28.

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Pretty models and cute animals join forces at Pandan Reservoir -- all for a good cause

Gorgeous models, passionate photographers and adorable animals came out in full force at Pandan Reservoir on May 28.

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Dear kind soul, the injured elderly Stomper you helped at Chinese Garden wants to meet and thank you with a big hug

Stomper Yeong was at Chinese Garden on Friday morning (May 27) when he fell and injured his head.

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Awesome! Woodlands Checkpoint officers help couple push car after it broke down

Two Woodlands Checkpoint officers were seen helping a couple to push their car after it broke down yesterday night (May 28).

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So sweet! Guy proposes to GF with giant message spelled out at The Padang

A Stomper was impressed by a creative proposal he saw at The Padang at 2pm yesterday (May 28).

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Bhutan king wins praise online after being seen chopping onions for students

The phrase "a down-to-earth king" or "a people-friendly ruler" is used to describe many a monarch around the world.

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Getting your daily dose of inspiration on Stomp has never been this easy

Stomp believes in recognising and lauding inspiring acts, heartwarming deeds as well as everyday heroes whom we should all learn from.

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Get your tissues ready: See how Mr S. R. Nathan gets a surprise in 'presidential prank'

Everyone knows Mr S.R. Nathan as the former President of Singapore -- but he has also done so much more behind the scenes to alter the lives of everyday people.

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Bishan Park Secondary School students show how they care for seniors

Stomper Eugene alerted Stomp to a kindness project that saw students from Bishan Park Secondary School informing motorists to practice safe driving on behalf of senior citizens.

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Female staff from Ya Kun cafe personally visits customer's home -- to return lost purse

Stomper Christine and her mother were left frustrated after realising that the latter had lost her purse at Ya Kun Family Cafe at Sun Plaza yesterday (May 26).

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Steady lah! Bus captain brightens commuters' day by placing sweets near exit

What do you expect to see on a bus? Grumpy faces, seat-hoggers and crumpled tickets? Well this bus captain is here to change all that.

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See how knight in shining armour helps free man trapped between Merc and fallen tree at Paya Lebar Rd

Stomper Janet was amazed to see a man rush to help to free a pedestrian trapped between a Mercedes and a fallen tree at 110 Paya Lebar Road at 12.10pm today (May 26).

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There are angels among us: See what one did for car owner who forgot to wind up his window

Stomper Imran panicked upon seeing a plastic sheet covering one of his car windows at the carpark near Hougang Avenue 7 Block 339 at 8.40 am on Tuesday (May 24).

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Female passenger suddenly faints on flight -- and is saved by team of doctors on board

A woman suddenly passed out while 12,000 metres up in the air, on a flight from Los Angeles to Xi'an.

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Inspiring autistic youth proves that 'different doesn't mean disabled'

A woman whose son is diagnosed with autism posed the question: "What would happen if you hired somebody with Aspergers Syndrome?"

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Thoughtful GrabCar driver offers biscuits and drinks for people rushing to work

Stomper Ashley was delighted to be the passenger of a GrabCar driver, whom she described as "thoughtful and caring".

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Kind worker helps boy who fell into wet cement -- and even cleans him up

Stomper Jae Joon was touched to see a kind worker who helped a boy who had fallen into wet cement at a worksite.

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S'pore man proposes to GF -- by offering her his kidney: 'I thought he was joking'

Mr Ng Chai Lai dated his girlfriend for six years before popping the question in 2013. But instead of a marriage proposal, he offered her the gift of life - one of his kidneys.

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Thumbs up! Honest taxi uncle turns up at Stomper's Bedok home to return his wallet

Taxi drivers in Singapore are quickly gaining a reputation for their kind and generous acts.

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