Bus driver becomes a hero for detaining molest suspect in Taiwan

A bus driver, who not only stopped a young man from further molesting a female student but also called the police to apprehend the culprit, was hailed as a hero by commuters and netizens.

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Thank you, kind cabby who did so much more than just returning me the pouch that I left behind

A taxi driver went the extra mile to return a name card pouch that Stomper Leslie had left behind in his vehicle.

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Commuter thought model bus driver was 'faking it' -- and even looked around for hidden camera

A woman thought that this enthusiastic and polite bus driver seemed too good to be true, but later realised that his warm service was genuine.

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Kudos! Kind soul stops his lorry to help blind uncle cross the road in Geylang

Stomper Nazir Ahmed was heartened to see a man taking time to lead an uncle across the road early this morning (May 2).

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125kg woman gets ultimate revenge on jealous ex-BF who wanted her to stay obese

A 28-year-old woman from Dallas lost not just 150 pounds (about 68kg) in the span of 16 months, but also her boyfriend.

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More than 100 people offer to help couple who moved from lorry to rental flat

More than 100 people have offered to help a couple whose home used to be a lorry because they could not afford to rent a flat.

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Thank you 'Star Wars Uncle' of SMRT -- for putting a smile on little boy's face

A mother has written a heartfelt post on SMRT's Facebook page to express her gratitude towards an employee for always making her son's days.

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The happiest of endings for man who lost priceless gold chain and kind soul who saw his Stomp report

Stomper Edgardo has been reunited with a priceless gold chain that he had earlier lost, after Stomper Habib came across his appeal to locate the missing item on Stomp.

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Netizen's 'heart melts' after seeing what young man did to help elderly uncle

Netizen Wei Da was left inspired after seeing a man go out of his way to help an elderly uncle who was pushing a trolley full of cardboard on Apr 21.

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Power lah bro! ITE student holds umbrella for commuters to get board bus on rainy day

The rain did nothing to dampen the selflessness of this ITE student, and he made quite an impression on commuters at a bus stop opposite ITE College Central.

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RSAF personnel rescue injured man who had lost 2l of blood on container ship

He sustained fractures and deep cuts on both his arms in an accident aboard a container ship in the South China Sea, about 260km to the north-east of Singapore.

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ITE students who helped elderly cabby change tyre: He was sweating and having trouble, so we volunteered to help

Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students Karna and Hakim, both 17, were on their way home last Thursday (Apr 14) at around 5.30pm when they came across an old cabby replacing a flat tyre at a bus stop just...

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We should all be proud of what this model student did for bus commuters on a rainy day

It might have been a rainy day at Ang mo Kio Avenue 10 yesterday (Apr 22), but what Stomper Sharmila witnessed totally warmed her heart.

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Diabetic 63-year-old char kway teow seller will 'fry noodles until his hand cannot'

After 35 years of frying char kway teow, he still eats it every morning.

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Kudos to truck driver for moving broken gantry barrier arm out of motorists' way

Stomper Grace was heartened to by a truck driver's considerate act along Maude Road, near King George's Avenue on Apr 19.

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Watch this dramatic rescue of puppy trapped in Lorong Halus drain

Animal welfare group Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) rescued a puppy that had fallen into a monsoon drain at Lorong Halus recently.

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Small act, big lesson: Limping uncle goes out of way to pick up litter at Pasir Ris

A Stomper alerted Stomp to a series of photos on Facebook showing an elderly uncle picking up litter at a bus stop near Pasir Ris West Plaza.

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TP officers go beyond the call of duty to help MPV driver whose car broke down in Tuas at 2.45am

Three Traffic Police officers who went beyond their call of duty to help a driver whose MPV broke down at Tuas at 2.45am on Sunday have won the admiration of netizens for their deed.

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Chinese mother left brain-dead after giving birth to twins, donates organs to save lives of others

A 21-year-old mother was declared brain dead by a Zhejiang hospital after giving birth to twin boys.

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