Driver hurls vulgarities at ITE students and calls them 'idiots' -- after accusing them of nearly causing accident

A man was involved in a heated argument with several ITE students, during which he hurled vulgarities and called them 'idiots'.

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Remember S'pore Navy 'chiobu'? She answers insane personal questions

Remember the 'chio' Singapore Navy girl who became an Internet sensation after appearing in a Mindef video?

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Serial molester groped passenger on Batam to S'pore ferry three times in front of her family

A serial molester groped a woman on a Batam to Singapore ferry three times in front of her husband and two children because he thought she had a "good figure", a court heard.

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Police aware of 'pro-rape' pick-up artist's plans in S'pore, Minister Tan Chuan-Jin responds

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has stated that they are aware of the controversial 'pro-rape' pick-up artist's plans to host a meet-up in Singapore.

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Woman's leg gets stuck in platform gap at Chinatown MRT station

A woman's leg got stuck in a platform gap at Chinatown MRT station yesterday (Feb 4) after she slipped while wheeling her mother out of a train at around 2pm.

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Meet the 'Benjamin Button' children from India

A pair of young siblings in India are suffering from physical pain and emotional taunts for looking decades older than their actual ages.

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18-year-old teen gets probation and community service for sex with underage GF and leaving baby at doorstep

An 18-year-old who, along with his 14-year-old girlfriend, placed his newborn son in an SG50 bag and left it outside his parents' home, has been sentenced to two years' probation and 100 hours of community service....

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New Uber scam? S'pore woman discovers someone from Toronto hitting $1,000 on her account

Imagine a woman's shock when she was charged over $1,000 on her Uber account -- for rides in Toronto, Canada. (Feb 4).

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Love Story: He kept on trying so I gave him a chance -- now he is my best friend and partner

Danielle was initially uninterested when she first met Melvin through a friend in June 2013 as she had just gone through a bad break up.

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Cat deaths in Yishun continue despite 2 arrests: Join Stomp on the prowl for the latest updates

Yishun has been plagued by a series of cat deaths recently. At least 26 felines, mostly strays, have been found dead or seriously injured since September 2015.

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Stomp Citizen Journalism Awards Month 5: BMW with baby inside bursts into flames during hour-long traffic jam on Causeway

A BMW 3 Series caught fire on the Johor-Singapore Causeway on Dec 4 at about 11pm while it was stuck in an hour-long traffic jam.

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Do and don'ts of online dating: Find out how to 'hook' partners with the perfect profile picture

As anyone will be able to tell you, your biggest ‘hook’ in online dating or mobile app dating is your picture.

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Elderly Chinese man dies during sex while still physically attached to prostitute

An elderly Chinese man died while having sex with a prostitute, according to several online media outlets.

69,623 views | 12 comments
'Invest $65,500 with me and you'll earn US$10 million': Man conned victims to feed gambling habit

Invest US$46,000 (S$65,500) with me and you'll earn US$10 million.

1,564 views | 5 comments
Elderly man openly pees at overhead bridge in front of Novena Church

Stomper Alan was shocked when he came across an old man urinating in public on a pedestrian overhead bridge in front of Novena Church.

1,534 views | 9 comments
Biker slapped motorist repeatedly after asked to move motorcycle from car parking space

A biker who parked in a space meant for cars slapped a motorist in the face repeatedly after the motorist told him to move his motorcycle.

2,364 views | 1 comments
Goondu driver tries to beat red light at Orchard Rd -- only to get stuck in the middle of junction

A reckless driver was seen trying to beat the red light -- only to get stuck at the junction and have to reverse.

2,307 views | 7 comments
Watch how S'poreans fare when they play the CNY edition of Ellen's 5-second Rule

Stomper Ying Ying chanced upon an interesting video of Singaporeans playing the CNY edition of Ellen's 5-second Rule to win $50 hongbaos.

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Kudos! Motorcyclist stops to push runaway trolley out of motorists' way near Central Mall

Mr Ong Weijun was riding along Hill Street, when he noticed a runaway trolley abandoned by the roadside.

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Woman carries out synchronised 'exercise' routine at fitness corner in Bishan

Stomper JediForce was tickled this morning (Feb 5) when he spotted a woman 'exercising' at the fitness corner at the foot of his block in Bishan Street 22.

1,185 views | 2 comments
'Pro-rape' US pick-up artist will only grant interviews to female journalists who perform sexual acts on him

American pickup artist Daryush Valizadeh, better known as Roosh V, says that female journalists must perform sexual acts on him before he decides to grant them an interview, reported Daily Mail. 

1,620 views | 3 comments
Canon Canada fires shots at Nikon Singapore -- even Minister Tan Chuan-Jin joins in

Canon Canada should be renamed as 'Cannon' because of their shots fired at Nikon Singapore for their latest controversial contest.

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What do you think this unusual-looking cloud in sky at East Coast looks like?

Stomper Shi was taking a stroll at East Coast park at about 7.30am when an unusual-looking cloud in the sky caught her sight (Feb 4).

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Car hits parked motorcycles while turning out of carpark at Tampines Interchange

In an attempt to turn out of the carpark at Tampines Interchange, a driver accidentally knocked a bunch of parked motorcycles with his vehicle.

819 views | 3 comments
Mother and daughter finally meet after 82 years -- and their reactions will bring tears to your eyes

Reunions are always heartwarming, especially if they have not met in years.

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Yunnan artist constructs an entire bra with jade and coloured gemstones

With positive qualities attributed to Jade, many Chinese are fond of accessories constructed using the stone.

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Single men in China pay up to $260 to rent fake GFs -- to please relatives during Chinese New Year season

'Girlfriend renting service' is now a thriving business in China -- especially during Chinese New Year season.

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Thought your day was bad? Here are 38 people who are having a worse day than you

If you are having a bad day, do not feel so down, these guys probably had it much worse.

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Eww! Stomper finds dead baby cockroach in white bee hoon dish

Stomper Jeanie was disgusted to find a baby cockroach in her white beehoon dish that she had purchased from a seafood restaurant in Toa Payoh Lorong 1.

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Bikini babes and hunks bask in the sun at Tanjong Beach Club

It was endless fun in the sun for partygoers at Tanjong Beach Club's Smack My Beach Up on Sunday (Feb 1).

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