Grieving family members and friends pay last respects to former air stewardess

Bespectacled and wearing a red T-shirt and shorts, 26-year-old Neo Chun Zheng showed no expression yesterday morning as he was charged with the murder of a 23-year-old former stewardess.

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26-year-old man charged with murder of former air stewardess GF at Boon Lay Drive

A 26-year-old man was charged on Saturday morning (Nov 28) with the murder of a 23-year-old woman, believed to be his former girlfriend.

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Notice anything unusual about this photo taken near Orchard Road?

Stomper Jack was concerned when he noticed that the CCTV camera at Anguilla car park across the road from Wheelock Place was pointing towards the keypad of the cashcard terminal.

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You'll feel like puking after finding out what was removed from this man's head

A man returned from Panama only to find a "souvenir" growing in his head.

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Guys take note: Here's how you can tell if your partner is cheating on you

Finding out that a partner is cheating on you can be an extremely painful experience.

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City Harvest trial: Kong Hee explains why he plans to appeal against 8 year jail sentence

After a 142-day trial that ended with six City Harvest Church (CHC) leaders jailed for fraud involving millions of dollars, lawyers on both sides are gearing up for another court battle.

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Over 50 locals and tourists squat along pavement of Hong Kong street to pick up fallen 'diamonds'

People visiting the well-known Tsim Sha Tsui district in Hong Kong were confronted with the strange sight of about 50 people squatting on the pavement on Wednesday, Nov 25.

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Reckless electric bicycle rider crashes into motorcyclist at junction of Pioneer North Rd

An electric bike rider collided with a stationary motorcyclist at a junction along Pioneer North Road at 7.40am yesterday (Nov 28).

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Uber driver in fight with LTA officer: If not for passerby, I may have died

Even though he lay on the rough asphalt road in defeat, he still felt kicks and punches.

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Man who lost hands and feet to GBS infection: Here's how he's doing after amputations

Sitting in his motorised wheelchair, Mr Tan Whee Boon's smile is radiant and his attitude jovial.

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Stomp Citizen Journalism Awards Month 3: Vulgar biker smashes car windscreen and challenges Stomper's friend to a fight in KL: 'I will f**king kill you!'

Stomper Ken's friend was involved in a fierce confrontation with a motorcyclist, who hurled vulgarities and smashed the driver's windscreen, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Oct 25).

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Uber driver shows injuries sustained following assault by LTA officer at Bugis Junction

The Uber driver who was assaulted and yelled at by a Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer has detailed the injuries he sustained from the scuffle.

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Vehicles mysteriously start 'floating' during bizarre road accident in China

A bizarre road accident in China has left netizens baffled, as the vehicles involved appeared to levitate in the air as they approached a traffic junction.

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Woman threatened elderly father with knife at clinic in Whampoa Drive

A Singapore General Hospital (SGH) senior consultant threatened her 81-year-old doctor-father with a knife, held his neck in an armlock and even bit him on his arm.

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Former NMP Calvin Cheng responds to controversial comments about killing children of terrorists

Former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) and Media Literacy Council (MLC) member Calvin Cheng has apologised for making controversial comments online about killing the children of terrorists.

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North Korean men ordered to wear hair like Kim Jong Un's

News slipping out of the world's most secretive state seem to get weirder and weirder by the day.

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Man helps boy pee into plastic bag -- in full view of diners at crowded VivoCity foodcourt

A video circulating online shows a man helping a boy pee into a plastic bag at a crowded foodcourt in VivoCity.

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Explosions heard as Honda goes up in fiery flames at Serangoon North junction

A Honda caught fire at the junction of Serangoon North Avenue 1 and Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 earlier today (Nov 29) at around 5.30pm.

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Hazardous sinkholes in Russia that will shake you to the core

We do not have sinkholes here in Singapore, and these photos from Russia show why that is a good thing.

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SAF personnel show off firepower of their massive tanks in Australia

You've seen them during National Day Parades and open houses, but do you know how our army's tanks operate out in the field?

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Real or fake? Another monster rat takes the Internet by storm

A photo showing a person holding up a huge rat has made waves on social media recently.

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Road hazard? Rubbish-filled trash bag rests on top of moving van near Serangoon

Stomper Patrick came across an unusual sight while driving near Serangoon this morning (Nov 29) at around 10am.

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Party-goers show off their sassy moves on a packed dancefloor at Bang Bang

Massive Collective celebrated their 6-year anniversary with an epic party at Bang Bang on Nov 13

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