Really, bro? Man in Loyang Green dog abuse video says Husky tried to attack helper: 'I had full control over my strength'

The man who was caught on camera punching and kicking a dog at his home in Loyang Green has responded to the incident to give his side of the story.

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20 stylish Singaporean Instagram babes we have a girl-crush on

Singaporeans are bona fide Instagram mavens -- or, at least, that’s what my experience people-watching on public transport tells me.

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Public outcry after endangered fish gets slaughtered by home-stay owner in Taiwan

Only six of the protected species humphead wrasse are still in the wild on outlying Green Island, after a killing of one of the species by a local bed-and-breakfast owner led to a public outcry.

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Single mother killed in accident with unlicensed teen driver at AMK: Have you seen her missing phone?

46-year-old Madam Lau Lee Kiau was killed on Saturday (May 21) when a motorcycle she was on was involved in an accident with a car that was driven by a 17-year-old who does not have a driving license.

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Driver whose car caught fire after he beat 3 traffic lights, hit 2 vehicles and crashed into wall jailed 12 weeks

Driving in the early morning while under the influence of alcohol, a man beat three traffic lights, hit two vehicles and crashed into the wall of a mall carpark, where his car caught fire.

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Look at how beautiful the view is before lightning tears across S'pore skies: 'Like atomic bomb scene'

Stompers were treated to wondrous sights yesterday (May 23) when the skies turned shades of blue, orange and purple.

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Kudos to former nurse who stopped to help bleeding woman at TTSH when no one else did during busy lunch hour

Stomper Stanley was at Tan Tock Seng Hospital yesterday afternoon (May 23) at around 12pm when he saw a woman bleeding profusely from her leg.

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Unedited portrait of Kim Jong-un released online -- and he's going to hate what netizens did with it

Netizens had a field day when North Korea released a bunch of high resolution portraits of their leaders, including one showing Kim Jong-un and his charming wide grin.

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S'pore man proposes to GF -- by offering her his kidney: 'I thought he was joking'

Mr Ng Chai Lai dated his girlfriend for six years before popping the question in 2013. But instead of a marriage proposal, he offered her the gift of life - one of his kidneys.

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Jalan Besar gets a new look with vibrant Guinness murals

Advertising feature

The humble kopi packet, the evergreen red plastic chair and the iconic “Yum Seng” cry are all uniquely Singaporean...

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Realife: MMA world champion Angela Lee demonstrates the killer moves she used to beat her opponents

The 19-year-old who competes under the Singapore flag has made waves across the MMA world the past few years for the tenacity she has shown during fights.

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What Say You: In this day and age, are men still expected to pay for everything in a relationship?

It's a modern era and the dating game has changed... so should still men pay for everything?

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Sichuan doctors deliver baby boy with 15cm 'rat's tail' between his buttocks

It was supposed to be a routine medical procedure, but the Caesarian section last May was anything but normal for the doctors in the operating theatre.

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Man arrested after hitting driver in road rage incident -- then hurt another motorist 11 months later

It's bad enough getting involved in a road rage incident. Muhammad Fuad Kamroden, 32, was involved in two cases in less than a year.

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22-year-old Bangladeshi worker killed in worksite accident at Mandai Depot construction site

A 22-year-old man from Bangladesh was killed in another worksite accident on Monday evening at the Mandai Depot construction site.

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An English breakfast stand, a nacho stand, gelato and kebabs: This void deck wedding is unlike anything you've ever seen

When you think of weddings held at void decks, food items like nasi briyani and rendang spring to mind.

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LOL: How often do you see an entire tree being transported on SLE like that?

Stomper Jaydenisteobinboleh was amused to see what he called a 'tree truck' taking 'environmental friendliness' to a whole new level.

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Video shows just how blue Lambo loses its front bumper after crashing into Honda Vezel at Ophir Rd

Footage from a vehicle's dashboard-camera shows just how a blue Lamborghini ended up crashing into Honda Vezel at Ophir Road at about 6.11pm on May 20.

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Perfectly timed photos that were snapped seconds before disaster

Danger never takes a day off and disaster can strike at anytime in any place.

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Driver trapped in car after crashing into lamppost at Marymount Lane

Stomper Motorist was passing by Marymount Lane at about 7pm yesterday (May 23) when he saw a driver who got trapped in his car after crashing into a lamppost.

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Chinese guy's dramatic parachute proposal goes wrong after wind blows him into tree

A man from Hubei, China thought he could win his love's heart by making a dramatic entrance parachuting down towards her before asking for her hand in marriage.

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Kind worker helps boy who fell into wet cement -- and even cleans him up

Stomper Jae Joon was touched to see a kind worker who helped a boy who had fallen into wet cement at a worksite.

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Excuse me cabby at AMK, do you know your taxi is 'smoking'?

Stomper saw a taxi spew smoke at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 last night (May 23) at around 8pm. 

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