Man force-feeds crying baby, then hits him with hanger and curses when he refuses to eat

A video circulating on Facebook shows a man force-feeding, cursing at and hitting a baby.

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Explosion heard as KSL City mall catches fire in Johor Bahru

An explosion had reportedly occurred at KSL City, a shopping mall in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, last night (Apr 27).

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Man who accused wife of having affair with Sylvester Sim dies in his sleep

The man who revealed his wife's alleged affair with ex-Singapore idol finalist Sylvester Sim has died in his sleep on Wednesday (Apr 27).

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S'pore tourist disappointed with lack of urgency shown by shop staff after her iPhone 6S was pickpocketed at KLCC

Stomper Claire lost her pink iPhone 6S to pickpockets at a fashion retail store in Kuala Lumpur City Centre shopping mall on Saturday afternoon (Apr 23).

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Man jailed for having sex with 14-year-old girl at HDB staircase landing in CCK

A freelance production stage manager was jailed for 12 months on Wednesday (April 27) for having sex with a 14-year-old girl at a HDB staircase landing four years ago.

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The happiest of endings for man who lost priceless gold chain and kind soul who saw his Stomp report

Stomper Edgardo has been reunited with a priceless gold chain that he had earlier lost, after Stomper Habib came across his appeal to locate the missing item on Stomp.

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Pet dogs save family from poisonous cobra at house in Braddell

It was the evening of April 8 when the Wong family's two dogs started barking, alerting the family to the presence of a 1.5m long black spitting cobra in their backyard.

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Realife: 5 stories to get you inspired this weekend

Feeling uninspired after a long week at work? Let these five amazing stories from regular people get you going again.

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Tell us who your favourite ONE: Ascent To Power fighter is and win tickets worth up to $2,656

Are you a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and have always wanted to watch a match live? Here's your chance to win tickets to watch ONE: Ascent To Power in Singapore on May 6, 2016.

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Top Mum: She is a strong woman and the first person to be there when my ex-hubby went to prison

Vani is grateful for her mother, a strong woman who takes care of many things in her life.

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Tell us your favourite joke from Gabriel Iglesias #Fluffy and stand a chance to watch him LIVE!

Are you a big fan of Gabriel Iglesias #Fluffy? Here's your chance to catch one of the biggest and most recognisable stand-up comedians in America LIVE in Singapore!

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Make this an unforgettable Mother's Day: Take part in Stomp's Top Mum Awards 2016 and win prizes worth up to $1,350

Make this Mother's Day a truly special one for your mum by nominating her for Stomp's Top Mum Awards 2016.

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What Say You: Would you take the fall for a loved one for a wrong you did not do?

Call it love, call it being 'bros'... or call it stupidity. Would you take the rap for someone important to you, even though you were not in the wrong?

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4 great reasons to join Stomp's WhatsApp service

You have probably heard about Stomp's WhatsApp service, which lets you send reports on-the-go, get updates to the top news stories and more.

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Amazing photos captured at the most perfect moments -- by Stompers like you

Sometimes, a perfect photograph isn't about having a trained eye or expensive equipment, but about being at the right place at the right time.

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Beautiful couple go on thrilling climb on Hunan mountain -- where guy does something even riskier

A couple went hiking up a mountain at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan last weekend, and it is one outing that they will always remember.

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24-year-old worker dies after 3 metal poles pierce through his throat at Tampines worksite

A 24-year-old Indian worker was killed when metal bars he was unloading from a truck fell and pierced his throat at 10.58am on April 26 at Tampines Industrial Estate Street 62.

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Man takes advantage of hot weather by sun-tanning near Hougang playground -- in his underwear

A Stomper saw a man sitting on a bench in nothing but his underwear beside a playground near Hougang Block 971 this morning (Apr 28).

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Would you pay $420 for a bowl of beef noodles?

Beef noodles is a common dish in Asia, and many people can be spotted slurping some tasty noodles at roadside stalls or small eateries.

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5-hour stand-off at Serangoon North: 42-year-old man threatens to jump

She was at work when she received a call from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) telling her to return home to open her grille door.

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See how woman lays the smackdown on pervert who tries to grope her in lift in China

A video showing a woman beating the daylights out of a man who tried to molest her in a lift in China has recently gone viral.

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This AMK block is proof that cardboard standee of 'Yan Dao' cop really stops thefts

She used to leave footwear in the common corridor outside her three-room flat, but someone would nick them. She lost three pairs of branded shoes over the past five years.

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Check out this dude's 'innovative' method of transporting his luggage

A video circulating online shows a man holding on to a trolley bag while riding a motorcycle.

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Respect the 'No Fishing' sign! Monkey seen trying to eat discarded lure with hook at MacRitchie Reservoir

A monkey was seen trying to eat a fishing lure at MacRitchie Reservoir on Sunday (Apr 24), thinking it was food.

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Australian jockey's death 'a tragic misadventure', says coroner

By the time he was 22, Australian Tim Bell had distinguished himself as an outstanding jockey, with a Brisbane champion title and more than 20 Group wins to his name.

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Watch burst pipe create 'waterfall' along Jalan Bukit Merah: PUB has repaired it

The National water agency PUB has promptly repaired the burst pipe that was along a Jalan Bukit Merah worksite on Apr 27.

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