Male body recovered from Punggol Waterway: 13 men and 8 women arrested for willful trespass

Stomper Andy had just parked his car near Punggol Waterway at around 10pm last night (Nov 24) when he spotted a group of policemen, Gurkhas, an ambulance and SCDF personnel cordoning off an area near...

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Yet another Singaporean hospitalised after eating raw fish dish

Days after he had a raw fish dish, salesman Sim Tharn Chun began vomiting and having diarrhoea. He was later taken to the hospital on the brink of unconsciousness and is said to be suffering from meningitis.

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Man sees ex-wife with new lover at Boon Lay -- then proceeds to beat him up

A man was so angry upon seeing his ex-wife's new lover outside a shop in Boon Lay that he attacked him.

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Passengers unwilling to take 'premium' cabs lined up at airport taxi stand -- and normal cabs can't enter

Mercedes and Chrysler cabs parked at the taxi lots at Changi Airport Terminal 3, only to have many passengers unwilling to board these 'premium' cabs.

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No train service on North-South Line between Yishun and Bishan: Normal services have resumed

Two train lines were affected due to a power fault this morning, Nov 25.

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Motorcyclist had no time to react before lorry crashed into him at Toa Payoh Central

A dramatic video of an accident involving a motorcycle and a lorry has gone viral.

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SMRT agrees to bear 95% liability for woman's bus fall that led to her going into a coma

Transport operator SMRT Corporation has agreed to bear 95 per cent of the responsibility for a 2011 accident in which a woman went into a coma for weeks after she fell and hit her head on a bus when the driver braked...

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Woman asked to get off taxi -- all because she was breastfeeding

A lady was asked to alight from a taxi just because she was breastfeeding.

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Woman in S'pore 'Uber'-shocked after getting charged $800 for a ride -- in New York

Imagine a woman's shock when she was charged US$572.46 (about S$803) for a ride -- which was not even in Singapore. 

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Guys fight and hurl vulgarities at 3am, before passers-by stop them

Two guys were seen trading blows and hurling vulgarities at each other at 3am in a housing estate in Singapore.

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Stomp Citizen Journalism Awards Month 3: Comfort level 1,000: Girl wraps herself in sleeping bag and takes nap on train

Stomper Tiong Yong was amused to spot a girl taking a nap in her sleeping bag on the train. (Oct 30).

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What Say You: Would you intervene if you see a fierce-looking man hitting his GF in public?

Would you intervene if you see a fierce-looking man hitting his GF in public?

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Footage of dark home shows creepy long-haired figure hiding in the shadows

Be careful when entering a dark house late at night -- you never know what may be lurking in a corner.

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Indian PM Modi goes for supper at Little India restaurant

Staff as well as diners at Komala Vilas’ flagship restaurant along Serangoon Road were pleasantly surprised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence on Monday night (Nov 23) when he patronised the famed...

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Fine for using illegally-modified E-bikes raised to $300 for first-time offenders

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is cracking down on power-assisted bicycle (PAB) users who do not follow the rules.

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These hilarious mum texts will leave you in stitches

No one sends text messages like mums send text messages.

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Ex-SMRT bus driver apologises 4 years after accident that left passenger in coma with fractured skull

Four years after causing an accident onboard the bus that he was driving, former SMRT driver M Ezar M Hassan apologised to the victim's husband and shook his hands.

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Man slaps woman 7 times in 5 minutes on HK street -- but nobody intervenes

A video clip of a man scolding and repeatedly hitting and slapping a woman in public on a Hong Kong street has generated heated debate on Chinese social media.

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HSA issues warning over high mercury levels and potent chemicals in whitening cream

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has warned members of the public not to use the 'Meiyong Super Whitening Extra Whitening & Face Lift Advanced Super Revitalizer (Cream) Whitening Formula And Face Lift', after...

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15 kind souls offer to donate liver to baby suffering from liver failure

Shin Min Daily News reported on Nov 22 that an 8-month-old baby had undergone liver transplant surgery two weeks prior but the liver has deteriorated severely since then.

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Kovan double murder: Prosecution says murder was 'beyond reasonable doubt'

The prosecution has proved its case "beyond a reasonable doubt", Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Lau Wing Yum told the court yesterday.

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Asian Australian man with 'misleading' name Phuc Dat Bich thanks supporters

An Australian man's quest to get Facebook to accept his 'offensive-sounding' name has taken off - albeit belatedly - in a big way.

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Reckless driver makes illegal left turn along Tampines Ave 10 -- almost causing accident at traffic junction

Stomper Lemann came across a driver who made an illegal left turn at the t-junction along Tampines Ave 10 yesterday (Nov 24).

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Meet Tumbles, the cutest two-legged puppy that's rolling into everyone's hearts

Tumbles is the latest little furry friend to go viral, and it's not hard to see why given that he's a tumbling ball of cuteness.

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Russian daredevils skate and cycle under ice in the world’s largest freshwater lake

These Russian daredevils did not disappoint when they played sports under ice in the world’s largest lake.

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Why did the chickens fly up the tree?

Stomper Helen was shocked to spot a rooster and a hen near her place at Soo Chow Rise, at about 6.45pm yesterday (Nov 24).

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Clubbers bring the house down on a very Wild Wednesday with sexy DJ Che 'Molly

​Clubbers took a walk on the wild side at Bang Bang's Wild Wednesday party on Nov 11.

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Malaysian home for expectant orang asli mothers revealed to be filthy, run-down

The orang asli community in Malaysia has expressed shock at the condition of a transit home for expectant mothers in Kuala Bertis.

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New way of parking? BMW driver parks car at taxi pickup point behind Concorde Hotel -- and goes missing

Stomper Mr TaxiTaxi came across a BMW, which was parked at the taxi pickup point behind Concord Hotel today at about 1pm (Nov 25).

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Landslide in Myanmar jade mine leaves more than 100 dead and many more missing

A landslide near a jade mine in Hpakant, Myanmar has left more than a 100 people dead with an estimated 100 to 200 still missing.

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Kids play dangerous game of catch on sheltered walkway at Aljunied Crescent

Stomper Irfan was concerned to see kids playing catch on top of a sheltered walkway near a street soccer court at Aljunied Crescent this...

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