Neighbour from hell turns common area into private 'chillax' corner for friends -- chatting and smoking till early morning

Stomper Vis is extremely frustrated with an inconsiderate neighbour who has been smoking and making noise at his HDB common area till the early hours of the morning for the past five years.

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Large group of youths fight with men in the middle of road near VivoCity -- forcing cars to stop and passers-by to separate them

A large group of youths were caught on video fighting some men at Sentosa Gateway early Wed (Feb 10) morning, near VivoCity.

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Well-off woman in China dumps BF after being served 'humble' CNY dinner at his house

It was indeed The Last Supper for a couple in China when the woman went over to her boyfriend's house for a Chinese New Year dinner.

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Malaysian thief loses hand during robbery, then runs 30km to seek help in hospital

A grocery shopkeeper severed a robber’s left hand to save his mother who was threatened with a metre-long parang in Malaysia on Wednesday (Feb 3).

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Wedding planners flee with $17,000 deposit and gifts a week before S'pore couple's wedding

A week before their big day, their wedding planner allegedly fled with a deposit of $17,000 and a tray full of wedding gifts which included shoes, wallets and watches.

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NTU students shed light on personal life of former Project SuperStar winner Chen Wei Lian

Kelvin Tan Wei Lian or Chen Wei Lian as he is also known made headlines in Singapore after he was crowned champion of Channel U's singing competition 'Project Superstar' in 2005.

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Woman suffers diarrhoea, vomiting and swollen eyelids after eating expired cupcakes from Cold Storage

Stomper Bella had diarrhoea and vomited multiple times after consuming expired cupcakes that she purchased from Cold Storage at TripleOne Somerset on Feb 3.

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Traffic Police bike left in the middle of road at Outram -- with rider nowhere in sight

Stomper Andrew says he was stuck in a traffic jam while going towards Outram Road yesterday afternoon (Feb 10) due to a traffic police bike that was left unattended in the middle of the road.

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Hougang resident spooked by mysterious 'stain' and sounds coming from toilet in his HDB flat

Stomper Lau Lap was creeped out by a mysterious stain and weird sounds he believes are coming from a toilet in his recently purchased flat in Hougang.

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Love Story: I wondered if he was just trying to enter S'pore by marrying me -- but decided to take the plunge

Harvinder lost everything -- from her home to her savings to her job -- after a failed marriage, until she met the love of her life, Vinay.

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Stomp Citizen Journalism Awards Month 5: Drunk woman calls hawker ‘stupid’ and dabs oil from food on his face

Stomper Carol spotted a woman scolding a hawker “stupid” and even saw her dab the oil from the food she ordered on his face at a hawker centre opposite Orchard Plaza at around 2.45am yesterday (Dec...

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Do you think mobile devices ruin love? Share with us your experiences

Have you ever confessed your love to a crush via WhatsApp or are you someone who has been dumped through text message?

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'Dead' baby awakens just before cremation in Zhejiang

Just as he was about to be cremated, a Chinese baby showed signs of life. 

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Believe it or not, these photos are taken in Singapore

Having a wide range of equipments and a 1.5-kilometre-long waterfront promenade, Woodlands Waterfront Park is all set to be a scenic and tranquil coastal park.

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Man risks his life by riding scooter at McDonald's Drive-Thru while smoking -- and nearly hits car in front

Stomper Gerald saw a man endangering himself by riding a scooter at the McDonald's Drive-Thru at Kallang Leisure Park on Feb 8.

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Adorable baby gets super confused after seeing dad's twin

Cute little 16-month-old Reed was beyond confused to see a carbon copy of his father.

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These 14 hilarious truths about life after marriage will make you LOL

Relationships do not stay in the honeymoon period forever.

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Man runs across road at Yishun Ave 1 while carrying toddler, even when traffic lights are not in his favour

A video circulating on Facebook shows a man carrying a toddler running across a road when the traffic lights were not in his favour.

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We’re all tired of these 5 excuses for why you 'can't commit'

"I can’t commit to this relationship" is probably one of the most over-used breakup lines ever, and the reasons that come with it are unsurprisingly accepted and legitimised by most.

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Hawker at Bedok Food Centre gives NS recruits extra ingredients and discounts to thank them for service

When chicken rice hawker Tan Bee Seng was serving national service from 1977 to 1979 as a signaller, he received a monthly allowance of just $50.

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Admiralty West Prison inmate breaks fellow convict's jaw and nose after argument over banana

A prisoner kneed a fellow inmate in the face then broke his jaw and nose - all because he thought he had taken an extra banana on their lunch break.

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Man throws over 1m-long live alligator through Wendy's Drive-Thru window in Florida

Imagine passing a customer his order at a Drive-Thru, only for him to throw an at alligator at you through the window.

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Love Instagramming your food? This is how ridiculous you look

We see drool-worthy photos of food on Instagram all the time, but do you know how much effort goes into taking those pictures?

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Football coach searches for and rescues elderly woman from fire at Choa Chu Kang Ave 2

She was away at work and her children were in school when a fire broke out in a neighbour's flat at her HDB block in Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2 two years ago.

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Adorable cat quenches its thirst at ablution area in Queenstown mosque

A heartwarming sight greeted Stomper Afzal as he approached the ablution area of Mujahidin Mosque in Queenstown on Tuesday (Feb 9).

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Revellers experience the ultimate thrill on a packed dancefloor at kyo

Dressed to the nines, clubbers partied till midnight at Kyo on Saturday (Jan 30).

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