LTA officer punches, kicks and yells vulgarities at Uber driver at Bugis Junction

An LTA officer was seen fighting with an Uber cab driver at Bugis Junction, near Victoria Street on Nov 27, before a passer-by pulled them apart.

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LTA suspends duties of enforcement officer who fought with Uber driver at Bugis Junction

The LTA has suspended all duties of the enforcement officer who was filmed in a scuffle with the Uber driver.

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Can you answer these? Viral photo shows uni test questions that have everyone baffled

Imagine being a student, and receiving these questions on your exam?

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Jealous husband thinks wife is cheating on him -- and stabs her at work in Malaysia mall

A 39-year-old hairdresser is in the hospital after her jealous husband stabbed her at her workplace at in shopping complex in Malaysia.

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Body found in flat at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Stomper Sue saw a body being removed from a flat in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 at 5pm yesterday (Nov 27).

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Heroic worker disregards own safety to rescue cat drowning in canal

In a heartwarming rescue mission, the community worked together to rescue a cat drowning in a canal on Thursday, Nov 26.

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Malay community leader and SingFirst candidate discovers he was born a Chinese

All his life, he thought he was the only child of his loving Malay parents.

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Remember Phuc Dat Bich? Turns out he was lying and he reveals his true identity

You can't believe everything you read on the Internet, and it turned out to be so true in this case.

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30-year-old man arrested for suspected involvement in loanshark activities

A 30-year-old man has been arrested on Friday (Nov 27) for his suspected involvement in loanshark activities.

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Alleged match-fixer Dan Tan's ex-wife wants to see him one more time

As world football body Fifa declared that it was "very disappointed" with the decision to release Dan Tan Seet Eng, the man allegedly at the heart of a worldwide match-fixing ring said he just wants to live a quiet...

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Stomp Citizen Journalism Awards Month 3: Singaporean goes from sleeping on the streets to travelling the world

A man who slept on corridors outside a rented flat for 27 years is now touring more places than most of us would ever do.

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Police in China investigate clothing boutique store named ISIS

China seems to have taken a stand against ISIS by taking down a similarly named clothing boutique in Shenzhen.

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Man finds out the hard way why you should never mix ramen noodles and soda

A 25-year-old was rushed to the hospital after he suffered excruciating pains in his stomach – all because of what he had for dinner.

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Train disruptions in Singapore: Worrying pattern cannot be ignored

Wednesday's (Nov 25) rail disruption along the North-South Line, which affected tens of thousands of commuters during the morning peak, is worrying on two counts.

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Couple cheat pawnshop by swapping $13,000 ring with $4 fake

The couple took just 90 minutes to execute their plan.

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Man on trial for killing man over peeing dispute

A man’s urge to take a leak at a Geylang alley sparked a brawl that took his brother’s life.

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Apparently this is how they train soldiers not to laugh in the US Air Force

Ever wondered how soldiers in the Army and the Air Force tend not to laugh for a long period of time?

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Baby kidnapped in Malacca -- by his own aunt

The suspects in a kidnapping case of a 12-day-old baby boy in Malacca, Malaysia have turned out to be his own aunty and uncle.

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Police called in after two uncles fight at Geylang coffeeshop

Passers-by watched the commotion as two middle-aged men fought at a coffeeshop in Geylang today, Nov 27.

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66-year-old grandma makes false report on robbery -- after losing money at slot machines

Worried about being chided for losing money to gambling, an old lady made a false police report claiming to be robbed at a neighbourhood park.

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City Harvest trial: Prosecution appeals against 'manifestly inadequate' sentences

The Prosecution has filed notices of appeal against the sentences imposed on Kong Hee and five others in City Harvest trial.

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Joggers stumble upon 'cannibal fish' on New Zealand beach

Nik Pyselman and Cam Tiwgley, were out for their evening jog in New Zealand, where they found a 1.5 metre deep sea cannibal fish washed up on the beach.

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