Vietnam girl keeps asking S'pore guy for money -- then he finds out she already has a BF

Stomper Mervyn fell for a Vietnamese girl he showered with gifts and even 'lent' $1,000 to, only to find out that she has another boyfriend.

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Malaysian woman arrested at Sydney Airport after spending $4.6 million wrongly put into her bank account 4 years ago

Many of us would dream of 'free money' transferred to your bank account -- but one woman also didn't get the memo that you shouldn't touch what isn't yours.

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Well done, pretty SQ girl Kren Choong for showing kindness to diabetic old woman on flight

A Singapore Airlines stewardess has done all of us proud with the commendable service she provided on a flight from Singapore to Frankfurt.

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Watch as car hits cyclist at Punggol junction

Stomper James witnessed a car hit a cyclist at a zebra crossing in Punggol on May 3.

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Guy asked about what he wants to achieve in NS... and writes this note with 'hidden message'

One guy had an unusual answer when asked about what he wanted to achieve while serving National Service.

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Man boards cruise ship which was abandoned after disaster that killed 33 -- and makes haunting find

The Costa Concordia was one of the most luxurious cruise ships ever back in its heydays in 2006.

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The power of Stomp and how we get things done

With its extensive social media reach, strong branding and ability to make things go viral in almost no time, Stomp is a force to be reckoned with.

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I broke up with my BF to please my parents

Stomper Princess Cathie believes that filial piety is a value that is important for Asians.

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Realife: S'pore MMA sweetheart Angela Lee reveals the fights she had to win outside the cage

The 19-year-old who competes under the Singapore flag has made waves across the MMA world the past few years for the tenacity she has shown during fights.

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Top Mum: If I could turn back time, I would not be immature, criticise her cooking, nor focus on my GF more than family

Lawrence is grateful for his mother's undying care and concern for him, and regrets having been immature in the past, by not appreciating her efforts and concentrating on his girlfriend more than her...

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Tell us your favourite joke from Gabriel Iglesias #Fluffy and stand a chance to watch him LIVE!

Are you a big fan of Gabriel Iglesias #Fluffy? Here's your chance to catch one of the biggest and most recognisable stand-up comedians in America LIVE in Singapore!

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Make this an unforgettable Mother's Day: Take part in Stomp's Top Mum Awards 2016 and win prizes worth up to $1,350

Make this Mother's Day a truly special one for your mum by nominating her for Stomp's Top Mum Awards 2016.

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Congratulations! Here are the winners of the ONE: Ascent To Power contest

Are you a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and have always wanted to watch a match live? Here's your chance to win tickets to watch ONE: Ascent To Power in Singapore on May 6, 2016.

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What Say You: In this day and age, are men still expected to pay for everything in a relationship?

It's a modern era and the dating game has changed... so should still men pay for everything?

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Chinese tourists clash with Vietnam airport customs officers who allegedly demanded for tips

Chaos broke out at Vietnam's Cam Ranh International Airport on Monday after a dispute between about 100 Chinese tourists and a dozen of customs officers.

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Shoppers cheated of thousands of dollars by scammers on Carousell

It was meant to be a simple way to get tickets for a day out.

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Pervert gropes woman on crowded bus in Turkey -- and gets beaten by all ladies on board

Flashers and molesters usually count on their victims being too afraid to say anything, and one pervert learnt the hard way that women are not as weak as he thought.

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Man fined $1,000 for consuming alcohol in public after 10.30pm

A 52-year-old man who drank beer with his friends near his home was on Thursday (May 5) fined the maximum $1,000 after he pleaded guilty to a charge of consuming liquor in a public place during prohibited hours (...

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Nope you can't use your outlet now: Fat mouse gets stuck in socket

Gotta watch your weight a little there, Gus Gus.

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Visitors bugged by litter at scenic spots near military training grounds

Visitors to three popular beauty spots have recently complained about a spate of littering - and they believe they know who the culprits are.

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Man loses $346,000 in cash and valuables on Emirates flight to Hong Kong

A man has reported the loss of HK$2 million (S$346,000) worth of foreign currency and valuables on board a Hong Kong-bound plane, in what is believed to be the biggest in-flight theft in the city.

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183 food poisoning cases linked to Goodwood Park's durian pastries

A total of 183 food poisoning cases linked to durian pastries sold by Goodwood Park Hotel have been reported so far, the Ministry of Health (MOH), National Environment Agency (NEA) and Agri-Food & Veterinary...

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What happened? Car gets 'stuck' under covered walkway in front of Blk 669 Jurong West St 64

Stomper Liang Wen was amused when he saw a 'power driver' drive onto the sidewalk and get stuck under the sheltered walkway in front of Block 669 Jurong West St 64 at 11 pm yesterday (May 5).

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Top Mum: I wish I could tell her I love her one more time

After gathering the courage to say 'I love you' to her mum last year, Doreen's mother passed away.

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Marching into the future: Shoppers greeted by robot at Waterway Point POSB Bank

Shoppers at Waterway Point shopping mall in Punggol were pleasantly surprised by a service robot at POSB Bank today (May 6).

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